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Monday, June 7, 2021

Twin Sisters Graduate Together From College, Pay Tribute to Mom Who Was Killed

Iman and Imari Anderson

Nationwide — 22-year old twin sisters, Iman and Imari Anderson from Birmingham, Alabama, have recently graduated from Troy University. Sadly, they weren’t able to celebrate that moment with their mother, Xaveria, because she tragically died in an accidental fire about five years ago.

Xaveria, who was wheelchair-bound and once crowned Miss Wheelchair Alabama, had always inspired her five children to achieve their dreams. However, in 2016, she tragically died after being trapped in a house fire at the age of 40.

Though their mother has not been able to witness her children’s significant milestones, the twins have continued to pay tribute to her through their academic achievements.

In 2017, they graduated at the top of their class at Huffman High School, with Imari as Top 2 and Iman as Top 4. They both earned a GPA higher than 4.0 and were awarded a full-ride scholarship at Troy University.

Most recently, the twins, who are also small business owners, earned their undergraduate degrees in social work at Troy University.

“We did it, mom. We made it,” the twins told WVTM13.