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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Isabis Candles Promote Pride and Prosperity of Black Culture

— Environmentally Friendly Candles Inspire and Motivate While Infusing Aromatic Stimulation —

Mia Artson, founder of Isabis Candles

Mia Artson, founder of Isabis Candles

Woodbridge, VA — Isabis scented soy candles are lighting a path of empowerment and inspiration. Featuring nine unique combinations of high quality fragrances and essential oils, each candle is hand poured with love and inscribed with a customized affirmation. There are various messages to choose from such as “Melanin Queen” and “You Are Enough,” or customers are welcome to create their own.

“I started this candle line to remind people that our culture is lit. Everyone loves candles, so every time you light your candle, you are reminded of how amazing our culture is,” says founder/owner Mia Artson. “I want my people to embrace their culture and their skin color. I want my people to understand: You are enough. I want them to understand your brown is beautiful. Our culture is beautiful!”

Isabis candles are a celebration of the richness within Black culture, ancestry and heritage. Safe for the environment, the soy based candles burn 30%-50% longer than paraffin wax candles. With scents ranging from
the vibrant Sage and Pomegranate, to the best-selling Egyptian Amber there are options to suit diverse tastes.

The premium ingredients are housed in an appealing glass jar, which accents any interior/exterior décor. Gift boxes are now available for the holiday season. Each box is entirely personalized to include two 9 oz. candles and 12 wax melts with choice of scent(s) and inspirational message on the candles. The gift tag is also personalized. Isabis candles are the perfect gift for those who believe in uplifting themselves and others.

Visit www.IsabisLLC.com and follow Isabis on Instagram for specials and updates.


About Isabis
The company launched in the summer of 2017. The name Isabis is of African origin and it means “something beautiful.” Mia Artson was inspired to develop her empowering candles after discovering the need for scented candles that reflect reverence for Black culture. She is currently developing diffusers, wax melts and incense.


Mia Artson

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