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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Introducing the World’s First Black-Owned Inspirational Eyewear Company

Isiah Fowler, founder of Swav Eyewear

Isiah Fowler, founder of Swav Eyewear

Nationwide — Meet Isiah Fowler, the 28-year old entrepreneur who believes that everything you do in life starts with a vision. He is the founder & CEO of SWAV Eyewear, which is the world’s first inspirational eyewear company that is on a mission to change the world through eyewear.

Isiah always had a vision to change the world and his journey started when he decided to leave Sacramento, CA to explore the world by serving the country and joining the United States Air Force. In 2011, a year after joining, he was on his deathbed after learning he had malaria. This eye opening experience showed him he needed to become a successful full time entrepreneur and make a huge contribution to this world.

In 2014, he honorably separated so that he can freely chase his dreams. He’s successfully invested in real estate, had one of the most popular podcasts (Starts With A Vision Podcast), and then decided to turn that podcast into a product-based business and that is how SWAV Eyewear was born.

After officially launching in Jan 2019, Isiah realized he needed the best quality product possible so he found a European manufacturer and flew to Greece to meet them in person and design their next two new collections.

SWAV Eyewear is the world’s first inspirational eyewear company that sells the highest quality sunglasses from eco friendly cellulose acetate and handcrafted in Greece. Each pair has an inspirational quote on the inside of the temples to inspire you to never give up on your vision, and for every pair of frames they sell they take $5 and put it into their visionary investment Fund. Every quarter they take that amount and invest it into someone who has a vision, because everything in life starts with a vision right?

SWAV Eyewear is meant to motivate, inspire and empower goal oriented, passionate, and driven visionaries to achieve absolute greatness.

You can back the crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter at www.swavkickstarter.com


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