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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jagged Edge Singer Reveals Why He Brutally Beat His Wife In Steve Harvey Interview

Kyle Norman of Jagged Edge With His Wife on the Steve Harvey Show

Singer Kyle Norman of Jagged Edge with his wife on the Steve Harvey Show

Nationwide — Kyle Norman, a member of the hit 90’s R&B group Jagged Edge, recently sat down with Steve Harvey to discuss why he brutally attacked his wife while they were dating. His wife, Marikka Maria, was left with two black eyes and several bruises, and Kyle even admits that he choked her and tried to shove their engagement ring down her throat.

Kyle says that he had just received news that his father was diagnosed with cancer, and he came home upset and got into a verbal and then physical fight with Marikka. He says was drunk and high on drugs, and that he “just lost it,” and had “an outer body experience.” He adds that he was “just too far gone” and “out of his mind,” and says he doesn’t “agree with none of what [he] did.”

Despite the attack, Marikka forgave him because she says she still loves him, and the two got married, but Marikka says it cost her a lot. She says it has ruined her career, and her relationship with some family members who have stopped speaking to her because they disagree with her decision. She says her father, an ex-con, was willing to go back to prison to beat up and/or even kill Kyle in retaliation for what he did to her.

Even worse, Marikka had a foster daughter that she was caring for at the time that she lost because of the incident. Social services reportedly picked up the child the very next morning, and Marikka says she never even got a chance to say her final goodbye to the child. She says the child herself was highly upset of having to be taken away.

Watch clips of the interview below: