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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Black Therapist Releases Interactive Journal That Encourages Boys and Men to Be More Expressive

James Harris, author of 'Man Just Express Yourself'

Nationwide — Meet James Harris, an African American father, veteran, author, entrepreneur, and mental health therapist, who has created an interactive journal for men and boys entitled Man Just Express Yourself that encourages them to express themselves in a healthy way. James says that part of the reason why he wrote the book is because he feels that the lasting effects of the pandemic are going to have a tremendous impact on the mental health of people all over.

“Trauma is real,” he says. “My work is not only supportive but, in a sense, educational as well. This book will help a lot of men, and women can buy it for their fathers, husbands, or sons to better understand them.”

James, who holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, says that Man Just Express Yourself is a powerful tool for both men and boys as many of them struggle to see a positive image of themselves because of the vicious attacks of African Americans in the media. The journal allows men to express themselves clearly and then share the book with others so that they can be clearly understood.

He comments, “Just imagine a husband completing this book and giving it to his wife so she can gain insight on him and his mood that he can’t find the words to articulate when he is upset. Imagine a young man in middle school completing this book and then going to college and doing it over to see how much he’s grown mentally. The list goes on and on of who can benefit from this book.”

Creating an interactive journal is not the only thing that James has accomplished as a mental health therapist. In August 2019, he opened what he calls The HEALing Hub in a 2,200 sq ft building in Richmond, Virginia, that is used for outpatient therapy, massages, yoga, mindfulness, event space, restoration of rights, LGBTQ seminars, distribution of meals to feed the less fortunate, financial literacy classes, and more.

In addition, James has launched a movement called “Men to Heal” which aims to help men get focused on their overall wellness, mental, emotional and physical health. He has quickly become a nationally recognized expert on the topic of mental health, and even hosts forums overseas via Skype.

Also, he has launched an apparel line that brings awareness to mental health and his shirts and hoodies are trending in many states nationwide and overseas in countries like Afghanistan, England, Germany, and Spain.

He comments, “A lot of people are in support of the movement that I’ve launched for a few reasons. One, I am an African American male therapist (which is rare in our community) and two, most men are reluctant to seek treatment for their health, especially their mental health.

For more details about James, his book, his movement, and his apparel line, visit MenToHeal.com

Also, be sure to follow him on Instagram @Men_To_Heal and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

For press inquiries, contact 804-229-4883 or mentoheal@gmail.com