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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

History-Making Young Black Hotel Owner, Jessica Myers, Says She’s ‘The Dealmaker’ Who Can Help You Realize Your Financial Dreams

Jessica Myers

Photo Credit: Noelle Woods | Elle Woods Film, LLC

Nationwide — Jessica Myers wears a lot of hats. Entrepreneur. House flipper. Real estate investor. Even history-making hotel owner is an accurate distinction. But the 34-year-old, says she prefers to be known simply as “the dealmaker” (a.k.a. #TheDealMkr).

And looking at her professional track record the moniker is fitting. Since 2015, she has renovated more than $20 million dollars in real estate assets and manages a seven-plus figure portfolio. Just more than a year ago she made history when she partnered with a college buddy, also a 33-year-old African American woman, to acquire the Home2 Suites by Hilton El Reno, Oklahoma, located about 30 miles from Oklahoma City. Their investment into the $8.3 million deal with fellow members of the Nassau Investments group is believed to have earned them the notable distinction of being the youngest African American woman to ever co-own a major hotel chain property. In December 2021 she worked with Nassau Investments and Jack Thomas of Jetway Financial, to acquire two more hotel properties; a Staybridge Suites in Fishers, Indiana, and a Hampton Inn & Suites in Scottsburg, Indiana.

Even before the groundbreaking deal, the former corporate communications and radio advertising professional managed to turn a hankering for HGTV into a lucrative residential house-flipping business, one home at a time. That led to investing in a diverse mix of residential and commercial properties, including renovations and luxury-modern build developments, and eventually a residential redevelopment project last year in Brunswick, Georgia. The latter project in her husband’s hometown, she says, was her way of helping revitalize and rejuvenate the coastal community that in recent years has been overwhelmed with media attention and division following a controversial racial killing that snagged national and international attention. “Jessica knows real estate in and out; she knows her stuff, period,” gushes collaborator Thomas. “She’s a developer who knows what makes a property valuable, how to read the market, and how to reduce risk. She combines that with a strong work ethic and a humble desire to help other investors become more successful. She’s motivated, determined to win, and wants to empower others to do the same. I’m excited to work with her and to be a part of her amazing real estate journey!”

Myers believes the diversity of her properties portfolio, is her strength and biggest asset. She says it’s evidence that she’s got the chops to do anything she puts her mind to, including helping others, especially those from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds in the real estate industry, looking to invest and grow their money. She says she can help anyone committed to the process win in the real estate game – even if it’s just to help build up capital for another big goal.

“You could be a hairdresser or a barber it doesn’t matter to me, it’s not about volume or having trillions of dollars to put into a project for me,” says Myers, a Georgia State University graduate who grew up in a working-class family in Atlanta. “I’m looking to reach people beyond those already in the real estate industry, because I realize there’s a magic in turning non-real estate people into real estate investors – if not for the long-haul, just long enough for them to build up their money for another big dream.”

In light of that, Myers is kicking off 2022 with more ways to help others gain access to the knowledge that she’s acquired over the past seven years to become fellow “dealmakers” too. Along with her Lawn Chair Learning Circle series and her All Things Entrepreneur Podcast, she’s got a full schedule of real estate training courses available and open to the public, as well as appointment slots for personal consulting services and her debut book is slated for release in March. She insists that it is an easy-to-understand read that can help walk even the most modest and conservative of investors through the process of making money and enjoying real estate success.

In 2022 plans, she’s also pressing on in her major professional and personal goal of helping others own and acquire “over ‘1,000 doors’ in the commercial and residential real estate space.” She says it’s an effective and gratifying way to build generational wealth and feel empowered both personally and professionally.

“My overall vision is to help people gain more economic independence and to do so through real estate ownership,” she says. “I want to empower others, especially women, people of color, and those who, like me, didn’t come from money, but who want to leave a legacy for their family and loved ones. It’s time we take back our communities and reclaim what is rightfully ours. I took the same simple steps to become a deal maker in the real estate space and I believe you can too!”

To learn more about Myers’ programming, visit ItsJessicaMyers.com

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