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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Meet the Genius Black Inventor Who Created the Soccket, an Eco-Friendly Toy for Kids

Jessica O. Matthews, inventor of The Sockket

Jessica O. Matthews, inventor of The Sockket

Nationwide — Some inventions make day-to-day life easier; some inventions change the world. Invented by Jessica O. Matthews, the founder of Uncharted Power, the Soccket – an eco-friendly toy for kids – has helped change the lives of hundreds of children. First created to replace the harmful diesel generators in communities throughout Africa, the Soccket has transformed into something that promotes education and clean living.

How it Works

After years of research, Matthews made a huge discovery—the kinetic energy that comes from movement can be transferred into power. After coming to this realization, Matthews started to explore how she could utilize this process to enhance the lives of underprivileged individuals across the world.

Pass the ball. Turn on the lamp. Light up a home. The Soccket is a regulation-sized soccer ball with a technology pack inside that stores and utilizes motion. As the ball rolls, the small battery pack charges, and suddenly just 30 minutes of play turns into three hours of energy. The product contains a hidden outlet and an LED lamp that attaches to it. This light source truly is clean energy, and children then see how their play can turn into something brilliant.

When Matthews and her team went to Mexico to test the product, kids fell in love. People tend to enjoy and admire products that are good for the environment and that promote smart thinking. It’s easy to support a company that focuses on such a good-natured idea.

Trials and Success

When the Soccket first started shipping to Africa and other areas, Uncharted Power had problems. The battery within would break, the lamps would stop working, and the children were left with a regular soccer ball. Any invention has its ups and downs, but the small company powered through and constantly worked to fix the issues.

Uncharted Power has since built on the foundation of the Soccket and has pioneered many other inventions within the renewable energy field. The company delved into the technology within the ball, Motion-based, Off-grid Renewable Energy (M.O.R.E). They made another eco-friendly toy for kids, the Pulse—it uses the same idea, but in a jump rope instead.

More and more inventors and entrepreneurs are coming up with ideas for how to make toys and other items that are better for the environment and the people within it. From energy-harnessing products like the Soccket to safe atmosphere purifying paints for the home, there’s a way to live with renewable, clean energy in mind.