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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Black Mom Writes Children’s Book With Her 3-Year Old Son to Help Fight Violence and Promote Social Skills

JJ Shegog and her son, Umani

Nationwide — J.J. Shegog, a former teacher of Chicago inner-city schools, has written and published a new picture book entitled Silly Little Squabbles inspired by her 3-year old son, Umani. The book helps children fight violence and enhance their social skills, and J.J. says that she and her young son, who is co-owner of their publishing company, are helping children to transition more smoothly into adulthood. Even more, their new book helps children to resolve conflicts with their peers and siblings in a healthy manner that can be applied to all aspects of life.

In a world of anger, violence, and social conflict, J.J. believes that books can really help strengthen the fabric of society. “I believe books can be used as a tool to teach our kids how to handle their feelings and emotions in a positive way,” she says.

Silly Little Squabbles aims to teach children how to resolve conflict in a healthy way while promoting self-esteem, social skills development, and empathy. “Learning these practices earlier on can curve the likelihood of emotionally charged situations ending in violence,” she says. She has been writing children’s books for two years and started her own publishing company to create the stories she wished existed growing up. Another of her popular books is entitled Now I’m Really Mad!.

To raise capital for the book, J.J. has launched a Kickstarter campaign and is hoping to raise $20,000 by February 24, 2022. She has set up a variety of rewards for backers including signed copies of her books, e-books, SEL workbooks, coloring books, audio versions and so much more.

The Kickstarter campaign has a donate to classroom option for those who want to be an advocate for social-emotional development in children.

“We have a long list of classrooms waiting to receive this book; we just need help getting it to them,” says J.J. Anyone can support this campaign by going to Kickstarter.com, typing in “Building Conflict Resolution Skills in Children“, and selecting any reward level.

For more details about the book project, visit SillyLittleSquabbles.com

For press inquiries, contact jjshegog@jaircollections.com or 312-772-3196.

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