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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Social Worker Turned Author Shares Powerful Lifelong Insights in New 3-Part Book Series

Jo-Lynn's Written Expressions by Jo-Lynn Herbert

Bookcover and author, Jo-Lynn Herbert

NationwideJo-Lynn’s Written Expressions, a 3-book series written by social worker turned author Jo-Lynn Herbert, is a journey that has been guided on life terms that continues a bond of truth, insight and love to be attributed to lifelong lessons. The purpose of the book series is to raise awareness by maintaining originality from works of life, thoughts, beauty, anguish and love while encouraging progressive understanding.

30 expressions has been written for all three books to dissect loss, pain, errors, beauty and struggle from a perceptive of a living testimony. This journey has been written without thinking about the next word to be written only a reflection of a soul responding to internal and external cues. Words will never disappear and it as is the same for learning, experiences and faith.

Herbert comments, “Our lives are offered to live within a society of ills, suffering and crossroads of favor, disbelief and violence. Human beings fall in love, fall short and fall down. Not to be told as a tale, fantasy or a fable only as a journey of discovery, acceptance and existence. Words and vision of insight to engage people of all races, age, and state of life to begin a coconscious journey for conscious transformation and appreciation. Knowing the difference between peace and material gain; knowing the difference between love and acceptance; knowing the difference between sympathy and empathy, and knowing not to become stuck in a world of separation and failure. Taking the time to reflect in a reader friendly in -depth read to start a written journey of reflection.”

Jo-Lynn’s Written Expressions is just that – a reflection that followed unexpected surprises, shock, failure and silence. Of course, love occurs when life turns sour and both cannot be ignored; therefore struggle of love begins and is attributed as another lesson learned to reflect a person’s pain not visible when their presence is felt when the right one walks through the door. Face value comes yet not fast enough to protect a love struck heart.

Jo-Lynn Written Expressions is a vision with insightful expressions that will capture your mind, heart and choices. The book series should be explored to increase a pursuit for higher attentiveness of life – arrived from a mental and emotional space to a written space, from an unconscious space to a conscious space, from a coping space to a living space to be released with sentiments of quick wittiness, truthfulness and style.

Jo-Lynn’s Written Expressions I is currently available on Amazon.com, and Jo-Lynn’s Written Expressions II and III will be published soon.


About the Author
Jo-Lynn Herbert is a social worker, MSW in the field of mental health and crisis intervention. Born and raised in the Bronx of New York, she has worked in a variety of settings with many populations, age and ethnic backgrounds in New York City, San Diego, CA and Albuquerque, NM. She uses the power of conversations, empathy, direction for safety and understanding to encourage compassion, safety and supportive wisdom. Her book series, Jo-Lynn Written Expressions, continues that bond. Follow her on Twitter @jjlynn5110_jo

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Jo-Lynn Herbert