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Monday, February 7, 2022

Author Says His Book is the First to Trace the History of Black People From 200,000 Years Ago

John Valentine, author of The Clan of Southern Man book

Nationwide — Just in time for Black History Month comes the most definitive history of Blacks and their contributions, not only to the development of civilization but to the advancement of the species. The Clan of Southern Man: And the Origin of Black Culture, written by cultural historian John Valentine, takes the reader on a fascinating journey through time and untold history. Valentine says that his book is the first and only book to trace the history of Black people all the way back to the beginning of the human line, over 200,000 years ago.

Using the very latest scientific and genetic data available, The Clan of Southern Man claims to conclusively prove that not only were Blacks the first humans on earth, but they invented many of the tools, processes, social systems, arts, and sciences that led to human civilization… long before there were any other “races” on the planet. Among those contributions was the development of the clan organization (extended family) which helped ancient humans survive for thousands of years under trying conditions in the Motherland, and later leave the continent and differentiate into the many subspecies we are today.

According to the book’s editor, Professor Reginald Martin, M.F.A., PhD., and full professor of English at the University of Memphis, “This is no usual history of Blacks onto these shores of misery but is instead a history of the earth and the place of Blacks in it. Where they come from, whom they have always been, and where they are going if they aren’t careful and do not listen to Valentine.”

Valentine says that his book is also the first to tell the story of the so-called “African Eve,” the black woman who lived about 200,000 years ago… more than 10,000 generations ago. His argument is that this unheralded black woman has genetically been proved to be the ancestor of all humans living today.

Valentine’s book is a total indictment of racism… practiced against him… and his people. He tells a gut-wrenching, emotional story of growing up in poverty in the rural south, and how a racist system limited his achievements and stymied his growth as a man and a human being.

The Clan of Southern Man has received glowing reviews and comes at an absolutely critical time in Black History. It lays out a clear and workable blueprint for a renewed, reinvigorated, and redirected fight against systemic racism, and bolsters the fight for economic and social justice for Blacks worldwide. Valentine believes it is this disconnection from their true history and accomplishments that serves as the biggest detriment to their effort to regain their proper place in human history.

The Clan of Southern Man is a book anyone who cares about Black History must add to their library. To learn more and purchase this game-changing book go to the publisher’s website at AmamiBooks.com

Also, follow Valentine on Twitter at @SageAmenti for wisdom and knowledge passed down from our ancient ancestors.

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