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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Ex-Con Turned Entrepreneur Pens 2nd Book Inspiring Readers on His Journey to the Suite Life

A Story of Lessons on the Path to Greatness

Keidrain Brewster

Dallas, TX — A motivational book from Keidrain Brewster, a two-time author and ex-con turned business owner, takes readers on an adventure full of the challenges and obstacles that he overcame to reach the level of success he desired.

In From the Streets to the Suites, Keidrain describes the hurdles he confronted on his quest to reach success in an encouraging tale of his experiences from investing in yourself, learning to accept help, and seizing opportunities to demonstrate to readers that no matter what you go through, persistence and determination can take you places that you always dreamed of.

This insightful and engaging book reveals how business is not only about monetary success but about integrity, character, and self-awareness. In From the Streets to the Suites, Keidrain points out an enthralling array of gems of knowledge that came from his introspection and bouts of adversity, ultimately helping all to understand that “the Suites” is a level that you set for yourself mentally. It touches on lessons such as:

• Understanding that pressure will either make you or break you.

• Accepting help when necessary and building a team of solid individuals around you to help you reach your goals.

• Identifying opportunity and seizing it at the exact right moment to boost your career.

From the Streets to the Suites provides insight from the perspective of a business owner who took a chance on himself and was able to navigate stormy waters and elevate his mindset. Keidrain proves to us that when you strive to become the best version of yourself and put in the hard work is when you will reach success stating “I am living life on my terms now. I have reached the suites.”

Keidrain did 10 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Upon release, he worked various jobs until he made the life-altering decision to get his commercial driver’s license. This led him to the eventual path of entrepreneurship when he bought his first truck and trailer and started his own hot-shot trucking company. His business has now expanded to a fleet including 18- wheelers and is quickly becoming known as a company that gives felons second chances. He uses his story to spread awareness that anyone can change if that is what they aspire to do. He has established himself as the face of prison reform in Texas and has worked closely with the criminal justice system to educate and empower inmates to change their course and to consider entrepreneurship as a path to a new life. Keidrain has also created a curriculum along with tools and resources for anyone who is interested in creating and running their own successful hotshot trucking company.

From the Streets to the Suites ($14.99, 102 pages, paperback, ISBN: 9781737228905 is available online on Amazon.

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