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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

HBCU Grad Launches Fastest-Growing Online Marketplace for Black-Owned Food Brands

Keisha Spivey, founder of ShopTheBlackFoodMarket

Brooklyn, NY — Meet Keisha Spivey, the founder and CEO of SB Market, Inc. who has created a specialty marketplace called ShoptheBlackFoodMarket.com – the fastest growing online platform that sells and promotes Black-owned food brands.

The African American community has enormous purchasing power. The University of Georgia reported on August 11, 2021, that the spending power of African Americans has increased by 61% over the last decade. It is Keisha’s intention to harness this power to bring about positive changes to the consumption habits of the Black community.

Keisha’s vision for developing this platform is to build awareness about the awesome black-owned food brands on the market. According to her, this website will be “a centralized marketplace for buying great Black-owned food brands.”

After graduating from Hampton University, a historically Black college and university (HBCU), Keisha attended John Jay College. There, she completed a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. After spending some time in her field, Keisha began to lose interest and sought something more exciting. This is where she reconnected with cooking. “Cooking to me represented happiness. For me, it’s the promise of spending time with my loved ones,” shared Keisha.

During a marketing webinar to develop her own food brand, the inspiration hit her to create a platform for individuals like herself. With ShopTheBlackFoodMarket.com, Black-owned food businesses will have access to a platform that will help them build product line awareness, increase consumer purchases, cross-market to other Black-owned business customers, and potentially get into major chains because their brand sales demand it.

For more details, visit ShopTheBlackFoodMarket.com

For press inquiries, contact info@shoptheblackfoodmarket.com