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Monday, December 27, 2021

Baltimore Police Officer, Mom of 4, Shot and Killed While Sitting in Patrol Car

Keona Holley

Baltimore, MD — Keona Holley, a 39-year old Baltimore Police Officer who was shot while sitting in a patrol car has reportedly died in the hospital a week after the ambush.

Officer Holley was sadly taken off life support as her condition continued to worsen due to the gunshots.

“Her health has been deteriorating over the last couple of days and her family, in consultation with her doctors, has had to make the most difficult decision,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said in a Facebook statement.

“Our prayers are with Officer Holley’s family and loved ones, co-workers, and the entire community. I thank her and the entire BPD community for their commitment, service, and sacrifice. We mourn Officer Holley’s death together and we will heal together,” Harrison said.

The shooting reportedly happened at 1:30 a.m. on December 16 when an assailant approached and shot the car, hitting Holley. Holley apparently accelerated the patrol car and crashed.

Two men, 31-year old Elliot Knox and 32-year old Travon Shaw, have been arrested and charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting. They were also charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of 38-year old Justin Johnson who they shot and killed 2 hours after Holley.

Meanwhile, Signal 13 foundation, a nonprofit which aims to help Baltimore officers and their families in difficult times, is working on supporting Holley’s family. They have so far gathered over $36,000 in donations that will go to Holley’s 4 children, supporting their education and other needs.