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Friday, March 15, 2019

Entrepreneur and His Son Launch Black WallStreeter Consultation Services to Help Others Increase Wealth

Kevon Chisolm and son, founders of Black Wall Streeter Consulting

Kevon Chisolm and son, founders of Black Wall Streeter Consultation Services

Gainesville, VA — Virginia esquire, Kevon L. Chisolm and his son, Kamari “Junior WallStreeter” Chisolm, are pleased to announce the launch of their investment club consulting services, which aid others in increasing their wealth.

The business, called Black WallStreeter Consultation Services, LLC, is specifically designed to assist individuals with increasing their wealth through the creation of investment clubs. The company’s services provide clients with informative seminars and researched-based strategies to realize their financial dreams.

“When we created Black WallStreeter Consultation Services, we wanted to address a few main concerns individuals have about their financial wellness,” says Chisolm. “For example, many of our clients are unsure of how to pay for college tuition, save for retirement, buy a new home or start a new business. An investment club is the ultimate opportunity to increase personal financial goals and/or ease financial worries.”

According to Chisolm, the main purpose of an investment club is to create applicable investment experiences through increasing investment knowledge and provide a platform for members to apply such knowledge.

“By working with a team of like-minded people, a club can help relieve the stress of trying to improve your financial situation alone. Anyone over the age of 8 is encouraged to attend the seminars,” states Chisolm.

Mr. Chisolm has provided unparalleled skilled and practical guidance and leadership as president of Umoja Investments, LLC, for more than 15 years. He is also the creator of Stock Tracker by WallStreeter, a pocket journal geared towards helping people that are new to investing learn how to track their securities.

Additionally, Chisolm has written an eBook entitled, Financial Legacy: Building Wealth Through Investment Clubs.

For more information about Black WallStreeter Consultation Services, or to start an investment club, please visit their official website at www.theblackwallstreeter.com


Kevon L. Chisolm, Esq.
Kamari “Junior WallStreeter” Chisolm