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Saturday, July 9, 2022

HBCU Student, Teen Entrepreneur Creates His Own Hair Care Brand Due to the Lack of Products on Shelves Representing Young Black Boys

Khalil Battle, founder of KingCurls

Nationwide — 18-year-old Khalil Battle, a freshman at Howard University and a Tiktok influencer, has launched a new Black-owned hair care brand called KingCurls. When your brand starts with the word “King”, one can only assume your product will be excellent and exceed expectations.

At the tender age of fourteen, Khalil was motived by his own hair care challenges and began seeking a solution that would help address his hair woes and other young males who may have been faced with similar challenges. Grooming and self-care ultimately became Khalil’s central focus on his never-ending search to finding products that worked for his textured hair. He immersed himself in the research and chemistry of haircare and began to adopt an early morning curly hair routine that supported his goals of attaining soft, manageable, healthy hair.

One of the major challenges he faced was finding products in stores that represented young black males that looked like him. Especially since most, if not all of the hair and beauty aisles were filled with brands that targeted women or older men with beards. Khalil stated, “when I didn’t see myself represented in the natural hair care brands arena, I created my own”. Without any other options available at the time, he began using his mom’s hair products to style his unruly curls. By demonstrating his process online, he began trending on TikTok with content garnering millions of views.

In 2019, he was branded as the “The CEO of Hair’ and has become a visionary force in an arena normally dominated and targeted to women. As an adolescent in high school, Khalil was already dreaming of launching his own hair care brand for boys and young men. At the age of sixteen, he’s utilized social media as a tool to further his successful brand. This young self-
care entrepreneur is better known as KhalilGotTheJuice.

His impressive mark in the haircare industry has already established him as an influential figure in the natural hair community thanks to his viral haircare videos.

With the launch of KingCurls, he is one step closer to ensuring that haircare aisles are more representative of young males that look just like him.

KingCurls continues redefining how boys, teens, and young adult males treat and care for their hair. The young businessman is committed to providing healthy hair solutions for boys with a spectrum of curl patterns. He continues to break gender gaps and normalize a narrative that males should practice self-care and take pride in their crowns.

For more information about KingCurls, please visit their website at KingCurls.com

To see what Khalil is up to, follow him on socials @khalilgotthejuice and @shopkingcurls via TikTok and Instagram for inspiring content, healthy hair transformations and more.

For press inquiries, contact PR@KingCurls.com or 877-314-3284.