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Friday, February 24, 2023

Black Entrepreneur Makes History With Her Big Sister Sisterhood Clothing Brand That Empowers Women

Kieaira Francis

Nationwide — Kieaira Francis, founder and CEO of Big Sisters/Sisterhood, an online women’s clothing store centered on female empowerment and giving back, has now officially been certified by the U.S. Black Chamber, Inc.

First launching in April 2021, Big Sisters/Sisterhood is an online store that aims to increase confidence and self-empowerment through its creative clothing designs. Donating 10% of all profits to women’s non-profit organizations, the company’s overall goal and purpose has always been to “give back” to the community. Now, Big Sisters/Sisterhood LLC has officially been named a black-owned certified business by the U.S. Black Chamber, Inc.

With further plans to get deeply involved in the community in 2023, by giving items of clothing away to local women’s homeless shelters, the brand is fast becoming one of the most charitable clothing businesses in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

“My goal has always been to bring confidence back into the heart of women,” says Kieaira.

“Giving back to the community, and helping women feel their best, has always been my passion. It’s part of my DNA. My partner and I first launched Big Sisters/Sisterhood during the pandemic, with what initially just began as an online women’s support group on Facebook. This soon garnered a huge community feel and became a huge success.”

It has always been Kieaira’s passion to help other women, inspire them to be more confident, and follow their dreams. But after taking the time to inspire many others during what was a tough time for many, Kieaira soon became inspired herself by the wonderful women she was surrounded by, and decided to officially launch Big Sisters/Sisterhood LLC in 2021, a new clothing brand with a difference. The Facebook group is currently on pause whilst they focus on this new business, but their values remain the same – to empower and help women.

“It was only after inspiring other women in the group that I felt confident enough to launch my dream business. With the help of my partner, a military veteran who understands the importance of giving back, we launched our fully-fledged, self-funded business centered around helping women feel empowered, sexy, and confident – without feeling the need to reveal too much or wear too little.”

With an ongoing passion for fashion, Kieaira describes their fashion designs as classy, trendy, and professional, whilst still being sexy and empowering.

She comments, “I want to ensure that Big Sisters/Sisterhood empowers others in every single way possible. From empowering women through clothing to supporting the community through donations, we commit to always doing everything we can to inspire and lift others up.”

Her company has already proven its charitable status by donating 10% of its profits for over half a year now, in addition to hosting numerous charitable giveaways, such as a free children’s backpack giveaway, which was held to help those in need as they ushered in the new school year.

Now officially a Black-owned certified business by the U.S. Black Chamber, Inc, Big Sisters/Sisterhood aims to inspire more women and people than ever in 2023 – with further charitable announcements and support to follow than ever before in the brand’s lifetime.
When it comes to building a community around clothing, Big Sisters/Sisterhood LLC really has hit the mark. Big Sisters/Sisterhood LLC clothing is available to purchase via their website and Etsy.

“Watch this space,” says Kieaira. “We have so much more to come, and we can’t wait to inspire more women than ever this year.”

For more details about the company, visit BigSisterSisterhood.com

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Facebook @ShopBigSisterhood

For press inquiries, contact (888) 734-8672 or service@bigsistersisterhood.com