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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Meet the Founder Whose Platform Has Helped Black Moms Raise $1M For Their Baby’s Needs

Kimberly Jolasun, founder of Villie

Nationwide — Kimberly Jolasun, the founder of Villie.com, is celebrating that her trailblazing platform has helped countless Black moms create their own online fundraisers to raise money for their baby needs. So far, the platform has been used to collectively raise more than $1 million.

Based in Atlanta, Villie brings the village together for moms across the country to receive support for their newborn or soon-to-be born babies. It is revolutionizing the way expecting and new parents connect, raise funds, receive gifts, and bring their village together in today’s digital world.

The platform is dedicated to simplifying support with the creation of tools that empower parents to effortlessly engage their village – creating a website where the shared journey of parenthood is cherished and celebrated.

Kimberly comments, “We believe that no parent should have to navigate parenthood alone, and our mission at Villie.com is to empower every family to get support from their village with ease.”

There has never been a more important time for our communities to rally around pregnant mothers, especially Black mothers. The maternal mortality rate in the United States is skyrocketing. The U.S. maternal mortality and death rate is exceptionally high for Black women. It is more than double the average rate and nearly three times higher than the rate for white women regardless of income.

Villie is on a mission to bring loved ones together and support moms through all of the milestones of pregnancy, birth and beyond. With over $1 million raised for Black moms, all from their loved ones – Villie continues to grow as word spreads of their mission. What support means to every mom is different and Villie continually creates features and functions to meet those needs.

Empowering Parenthood with Cultural Inspiration

Villie draws its inspiration from the cultural tapestry of West African traditions. Founder Kimberly Jolasun’s vision is a reflection of the deeply rooted values where community support is a cornerstone of the parenting experience. Kimberly’s personal experiences have driven her to develop a platform that encapsulates the support that families provide to new parents.

Kimberly adds, “Villie is here to bridge the geographical gaps, reconnecting families and friends in an immersive digital village where each shared moment becomes a cherished memory.”

Parenting in a Digital Age

As a tech startup, Villie is backed by venture capital with powerhouse investors such as Fearless Fund, XRC Ventures and TxO by a16z. According to the Fearless Fund, women of color business founders in 2022 received only 0.39% of the $288 billion that venture capital firms deployed. Villie’s team is not only diverse ethnicities, but a team of mothers (and fathers) of young children under the age of five. They deeply understand the problems that need to be solved.

The platform includes tools and features that bridge tradition with technology, they even include the use of Artificial Intelligence within the experience. “It’s pretty incredible to see that for most parents, our tools are their first experience with AI,” says Kimberly. Villie offers an experience that empowers parents to cultivate a supportive village during the most significant chapters of their lives.

For more details and/or to sign up on the platform, visit Villie.com

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