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Monday, May 10, 2021

Black Entrepreneur Turns Hobby into Successful Custom Greeting Card Business

Kimberly Jordan, founder of Black-owned greeting card company Kimmy's Greetings

Nationwide — Meet Kimberly Jordan, the founder of Kimmy’s Greetings who is now capitalizing on her talent to create unique gift ideas for others. What began as a hobby in 2008 is now a very successful business that has produced more than 50,000 handcrafted custom greeting cards, memory books, scrapbooks, etc.

Her company’s mission is to establish new and unique greeting cards that offer style and heartfelt messages. When she started 13 years ago, it quickly went from being a hobby to becoming a part-time business, and ultimately, has now become a full-time enterprise.

Kimberly’s first interaction with greeting cards began when she was a little girl. Her mother would have her sign the holiday cards before mailing them. Kimberly said she was inspired to pursue creating cards by her stepmother after she saw a floral arrangement that Kimberly had made and how she set her dinner table.

She took her to purchase a scrapbook kit and showed her how to create a scrapbook page. Creating the scrapbook pages led to creating greeting cards. All of this started after a previous marital relationship that was challenging, and the transitioning of her brother who had been killed while serving in the military. Then a few years ago, after hearing financial teaching on financial independence consciousness and wealth consciousness presented by her spiritual teacher, she decided to be her own boss and become intentionally serious about getting her business going.

Her custom greetings are tailored to the recipient’s hobbies, personal interests, and favorite colors. The colors are important because they tell a lot about a person’s personality. She uses authentic words and personal messages in the cards to make them unique for the person for whom it is being created.

Kimberly’s cards are created to inspire, to enlighten, to teach, to encourage, to bring people to a higher level, and to make people smile for days after receiving them. One customer put his card in his meditation room. The cards come from a place to sow seeds of love. In fact, her unique style of designing translates into meaningful art that is sure to brighten any space.

Not only does she create custom cards, but she also creates memory books that are designed to tell a story about the person for whom it is made. These creations are stories about the person’s life, their personal interests, and what they enjoy doing. They display something that caters to the individual it’s designed for. Although many companies have suffered losses during the pandemic, Kimberly stated that her sympathy cards have increased since the pandemic struck, and she gets lots of requests for sympathy cards through Pyramid Art Books & Custom Framing located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Kimberly started her business as a means to do something she loves and still make money. She encourages other women to seek becoming entrepreneurs, especially during times like these with the pandemic causing a disturbing number of jobs to shut down and leaving people without jobs. She encourages them to go within and find the truth of what motivates them and then do it. They would need to go through a mental and a spiritual shift to change their thinking from a poverty mindset to one of wealth and financial independence.

For more details and/or to make a purchase, visit KimmysGreetings.com or follow her on Instagram @kjordandesigning4u

Text the words GREETING CARD to 501-229-9268

For press inquiries, contact kjordandesigning4U@gmail.com or (501) 830-8488.