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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Meet the Black Entrepreneur Whose Ground-Breaking Technology is Helping Chevron and Other Fortune 500 Companies

Kristopher Francisco, the CEO of Evolute, is charting a new path in cloud computing as a young, African American male in Silicon Valley

Kristopher Francisco, CEO of Evolute

Kristopher Francisco, CEO of Evolute

Mountain View, CA — Kristopher Francisco, the 32-year old pioneering African American CEO of Evolute, is charting a new path in cloud computing with the recent launch of his software platform for enterprises that is focused on big data, storage architectures and highly scalable cloud migration.

This month, Evolute announced the debut of its software platform for enterprises, which enables large IT departments to quickly and reliably migrate and run software applications between computing environments up to 10 times faster than virtualization solutions, at a fraction of the cost to significantly improve how companies do business. Only three years old, Evolute supports Fortune 500 companies in the high tech, banking and energy industries to innovate in their cloud and edge environments and is currently positioned to rapidly and effectively deploy new technology to completely change how the tech industry approaches cross-platform cloud functions.

Evolute also announced it was chosen to join Chevron Technology Ventures’ Catalyst Program, which is designed to support early-stage technology companies innovating in smart oil fields, advanced materials, and other core software and systems technology.

As Evolute’s founder and CEO, Kristopher is widely recognized in technology circles and is known in the container community for his contributions of docker-stats, leading internet-scale containerization structures, as well as the development of cross-platform cloud innovations. He brings a wealth of expertise to his new venture having previously led a team of 200 software engineers at Apple as the company’s first cross platform architect. Moreover, he is viewed as a mover and a shaker who has captured the attention of top angel investors and Fortune 100 companies who believe Kristopher and his company are on the cusp of being the next big thing.

Kristopher is passionate about expanding opportunities for diversity and young people in the tech industry through several vehicles, namely the Kapor Center in San Francisco, Tech Hire in Oakland, the Alchemist Accelerator and the Founder Institute. Students and mentees in his care are fortuitous as Kristopher does all he can to be of assistance. During his mentorship of a student at Prairie View University, he helped the students to launch a new venture and find significant startup funding.

Earlier this month, Kristopher was featured as an emerging African American leader in tech at the 2018 National Urban League Conference.

“I am honored to be able to serve my community in this capacity,” said Kristopher. “I view technology as a way to minister to others while also sharing new technology that will have a lasting impact on our society. Evolute is a vehicle to reach a larger audience and my goal is to change people’s lives and technology in a way that expands possibilities for all.” As a New Orleans native, and graduate of both LSU and Carnegie Mellon University, Kristopher sees his status as an African American male in the technology industry as an advantage that can open doors which may have been traditionally closed.

To learn more about Evolute, visit www.evolute.io or follow Kristopher Francisco on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/krfrancisco


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