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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Black Entrepreneur to Open Luxe Beauty Brow and Spa to Keep Brows Envious and Waterproof this Summer

Krystal Smith, MAC Cosmetics Expert, Opens Luxe Beauty Brow and Spa; Grand Opening Scheduled for July 7th

Luxe Beauty Brow and Spa in Baldwin, NY

Baldwin, NY — A new Black-owned business called Luxe Beauty Brow and Spa is set to open on July 7th in the emerging business section of Baldwin, New York. The founder of the company, Krystal Smith, is a long-time makeup artist and brow expert.

Located at 2426 Grand Avenue, the business will offer premium VIP/White Carpet services for women (entrepreneurs, brides, moms, millennials) and men of all ages. From the luxurious space, plush décor to highly skilled and certified experts in beauty, makeup, nail and body treatments; and, featuring the hottest trends in brow envy including microblading, ombre brows; makeup application, facials, CBD nails, and vajacials (treats in-grown hairs, removes dead skin cells and smooths bumps around the bikini line).

Krystal comments, “Brows have always been fashionable. The eyebrows are the most prominent facial feature, it makes everything come alive and accentuates the eyes, frames the face, communicates our thoughts and ultimately pulls everything together. There are a few common beauty blunders that can be corrected with simplicity to achieve brow envy. Brows, when done right, is power, confidence, and authenticity.”

Luxe Beauty Brow and Spa pricing ranges $20-$400, from everyday Slay to VIP/White Carpet Slay services. All services include premium products and can be upgraded to the royal treatment package.

Common Beauty Blunders for Perfect Summer Brows by Krystal Smith:

Banish your Tweezer. 9/10 women already have full brows. Stop over plucking your brows with a tweezer, you are not a chicken. Tip: Try microblading (semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo) to create hair strokes and give the allusion of fuller natural brows.

Throw away your brow pencil. Pencils are for writing and doing mathematics. Tip: Try ombre brows, this will give you more of a makeup look, powder finish and is waterproof. Perfect for brides on their honeymoon.

Reality show beauty is not real. Beauty is not perfection. Most people don’t wake up beautiful and camera ready. Tip: Give self 4-6 weeks to allow your brows to grow in before you try any brow enhancement services.

Be leery of the quick fix. Brow envy is all the rage; however, some brow/makeup experts are not licensed or certified. At Luxe Beauty Brow Spa, each expert is licensed and an expert. We cater to the individual and not the trend.

Krystal Smith has been a makeup artist for almost 20 years and worked for MAC Cosmetics for three years as a retail manager and six years as a lead makeup expert sharpening her skills in makeup applications and brow envy, celebrating each customers uniqueness, while building trust from beginning to end.

Smith says, “I wanted to take my training from MAC and create the ultimate self-care retreat spa for each customer. All services are curated for intentional wellness, individuality, and self-love. Beauty starts from within. At LBBS, we accent your best brows, best face, best nails and inner glow using premium products only, and skilled makeup, beauty and nail experts.”

According to Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, eyebrow cosmetics are used by a growing number of American women, with 25 percent reporting use of brow pencils and one in five women reporting the use of eyebrow make-up (19 percent). Eye make-up is currently the strongest performing segment, driven largely by the popularity of bold eyebrows.

To learn more about Luxe Beauty Brow and Spa and the grand opening on July 7, visit the website at www.luxebeautybrowandspa.com

All media interview inquiries for Krystal Smith, please contact her at luxebeautybrow@mail.com or 516-548-7775.