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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Black Female Filmmaker Tackles Toxic Masculinity in Her Latest Documentary, “The Rise of Eve”

Eye-Opening Documentary Gives Raw Insight on How Men Really Feel

L. Burner

Director, L. Burner at The Rise of Eve Red Carpet Premiere in NYC

New York, NY — L. Burner is a renowned journalist and filmmaker who began her professional writing career in 2010 with AllHipHop.com after CEO Greg Watkins took interest in her first documentary What’s Really Hood? based on Wilmington’s violence. Her latest documentary, The Rise of Eve is now available on Amazon Prime.

The Rise of Eve challenges toxic masculinity and is largely impacted by her perspective as an African-American female and one who has worked in the Hip Hop industry. During her tenure at AllHipHop.com, she interviewed Meek Mill, MC Lyte, Angela Simmons, Linkin Park, Salt-N-Pepa, Mindless Behaviour, and Marsha Ambrosius among others. L. also had the opportunity to cover events featuring Rick Ross, State Property and Dipset.

Moving Into Activism

Branching out to freelance writing, L. Burner penned a powerful article on an incident of alleged police misconduct involving children. Her piece created a national stir and provoked an emergency city council meeting and press conference in her hometown of Wilmington, DE.

With the impact of her police article and the sellout success of her first documentary, the seeds of activism had been sown. L. Burner’s next topic would hit close to home, misogyny; something she experienced both in the industry and in many aspects of her life, like most women.


About The Rise of Eve

When The Rise of Eve went into production in 2014, L. Burner, was ahead of the curve and says her biggest fear was; “The same bias and misogynistic power structure that inspired the film could prevent it from finding a platform.” Burner says that all changed in October 2017 when the #MeToo movement went viral, setting the stage for such a project.

The Rise of Eve received a distribution deal in January of 2018, and a theatrical release in NYC in July 2018. There are a few industry heavy hitters in the film such as multi-platinum producers Herb Middleton and Carvin Haggins, AllHipHop.com, CEO “Grouchy” Greg Watkins. True crime reporter and best-selling author, Aphrodite Jones lends her expert commentary. U of D Professor Yasser Payne and activist Chandra Pitts are also heavily featured. The documentary, which was completed in 2016, goes beyond sexual harassment, touching on misogyny across the boundaries of culture, age and time, taking the scope of #MeToo to #Me2.0.

The Rise of Eve, which was named for the blame shifted on the woman in The Garden of Eden and today, takes an unprecedented approach to addressing sensitive topics such as misogyny in Hip Hop, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, street harassment, and victim-blaming. The doc also touches on cultural misogyny such as genital mutilation, child brides and honor killings.

The Rise of Eve is raw, unorthodox, shocking and inflammatory and begins with a trigger warning. It features poignant testimonials from survivors, blatant sexism, graphic photos, and heated debates. Yet The Rise of Eve does a commendable job of being objective with proponents and opponents of both genders holding themselves and their counterparts accountable, contributing to The Rise of Eve’s powerful redeeming value.

L. Burner says, “My mission is to create a paradigm shift in how society perceives and responds to disparities, aggression, and violence towards women.”

For more details, visit https://riseofeve.com/ or stream the documentary on Amazon Prime.


L. Burner