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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Black Mental Health Professional Debuts Simply Lovable Self-Love Products to Support Mental Wellness

Lamora Pace, founder of Simply Lovable

Nationwide — As a Black mental health professional and entrepreneur, LaMora D. Pace, LCSW, CAP, from Hollywood, Florida, has unveiled her line of Simply Lovable self-love products to help women prioritize their emotional well-being, find joy in the journey of self-care, and cultivate feelings of self-love and acceptance from within. With Valentine’s Day being celebrated in February, Pace made it her mission to spread a message of self-love. On February 1, LaMora kicked off the 100 Women Self-Love Vow experience to inspire women to commit to themselves and nurture their needs. This was followed by the Simply Lovable Self-Love Day on the 7th of February, which promoted self-care.

LaMora is an incredible force in the world of mental and emotional health. She has founded two successful businesses, The Healing Crest Counseling Services and Simply Lovable, which help clients heal and navigate life with her guidance. Pace’s expertise lies in not only providing counseling to men and women but also using her own life experiences to give clients personalized support. With a caring approach, she helps people reach their highest potential and live their best lives.

In recent years, trauma has become increasingly recognized as a major health issue in society that affects all of us at some point in our lives. However, it can still be difficult to talk about. “When we encounter traumatic experiences, it can leave an indelible mark on us and our lives,” said LaMora. For her, she has seen first-hand the effects of trauma— clients who don’t know how to address it or understand it.

Women have proven to be their own worst enemies when it comes to self-destruction. From negative self-talk to feeling guilty for caring for themselves and unhealthy relationship beliefs, women are likely to set up their own roadblocks. When dealing with trauma and difficult emotions, many women are prone to bottling up their feelings and expecting themselves to simply “move on”. Unfortunately, this approach is not effective for healing.

LaMora set out to create a system that would teach women how to love themselves. “I created Simply Lovable because I want to help women break free from past childhood and relationship traumas, drown out their inner critic, and develop an attitude of self-acceptance,” she said. Simply Lovable pivots around self-discovery, showing women how their past trauma contributes to unhealthy relationships not only with romantic partners but also with themselves.

Today’s society places unrealistic expectations on people, especially women, with these idealized beauty standards contributing to low self-esteem and disillusionment as to what beauty really means. Simply Lovable seeks to empower women of all ages to define their own beauty standards and discover their true self-worth.

“Cultivate a healthy connection with yourself; it’s the one relationship that can’t be avoided,” said LaMora.

Simply Lovable is a step-by-step system for working through trauma and discovering self-love. Tools such as the Simply Lovable card deck, companion workbook, and notebook collection are all designed for self-reflection and practicing daily actions and journal prompts while gaining confidence through affirmations. Simply Lovable is more than just a self-love product line, it’s an entire experience designed to transform the mental well-being of those who choose to follow the system.

Simply Lovable is now available for purchase at IAmSimplyLovable.com or follow the brand @IAmSimplyLovable

For press inquiries, contact 754-777-6871 or withlove@iamsimplylovable.com