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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Entrepreneur Hosts Leadership Development Conference and Retreat to Address the Unique Needs of Black Women in Corporate America

Laura Knights, Founder of Black Woman Leading Live Retreat

Nationwide — Laura Knights, Founder and CEO of Knights Consulting LLC, will host the 2nd Annual Black Woman Leading LIVE! Conference + Retreat, May 13-16, 2024 in Virginia Beach, VA at the Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront Resort.

This event serves as an extension of the Black Woman Leading® initiative, which provides evidence-based leadership development programs, events, a mentoring program, and a podcast to help Black women leaders develop their skills to advance in the workplace, strengthen professional relationships, and implement healthy coping skills to enhance mental wellness.

Designed by Black women for Black women, the Black Woman Leading LIVE! event provides a deep-dive into the heart work and head work needed for attendees to walk boldly into their next level. The conference topics and activities will help Black women take a holistic approach with regard to their personal and professional development. Event activities will include leadership workshops, panel sessions, wellness breaks, laser coaching opportunities, networking opportunities, and real-time workplace strategy with outcomes and practical action steps that can be integrated into a career development plan. The event is appropriate for early-career, mid-career, and senior-level professionals.

Knights stated, “The media has recently amplified several high-profile cases, across various sectors, that demonstrate the toxic workplace experiences many Black women face. And while Black women have been managing the challenges of pay inequity, microaggressions and discrimination in the workplace, and being underrepresented in leadership roles for some time; these recent headlines have further highlighted our obstacles on the public stage and triggered Black women who are living these experiences day in and day out. We need safe spaces to process and work through these experiences in community with other Black women. Our programs and conference provide this space for Black women to center themselves and decide their way forward despite these challenges.”

Recent research documents this challenging workplace experience well. The State of Black Women in Corporate America report indicates that Black women are having the worst experience of all at work (Lean In, McKinsey & Company 2020), as they are often underpaid, underrepresented in leadership roles, and experience more discrimination.

Likewise, the Black Women Thriving report (Every Level Leadership, 2022) indicated that 88% of Black women report having experienced burnout as a result of unclear job expectations, negative workplace environments, lack of opportunities for advancement, and bad relationships with their managers.

Despite these obstacles, the research indicates that Black women are still motivated to seek higher leadership roles in their organizations. “The data clearly supports the need for unique responses to address the unique needs of Black women in the workplace.

We help Black women navigate these challenges. This event is just one outlet that we offer for this very important work. We are anticipating a truly transformative experience for all that attend,” said Knights.

Learn more and register for this event at http://bwlretreat.com

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