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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Legacy of ‘Black Wall Street’ Revitalized With Archer & Pine

— New Curated Online Marketplace Featuring Artisans to Empower ‘The Black Dollar’ —

Morgan R. Gantt and Marc Clarke, founders of Archer & Pine

Morgan R. Gantt and Marc Clarke, founders of Archer & Pine

New York, NY — Archer & Pine is a curated interactive online marketplace featuring distinctive creators of the Black Diaspora. Inspired by the events of the original “Black Wall Street” of Tulsa, OK, that eliminated thriving black-owned businesses in 1921, co-founders Morgan R. Gantt and Marc Clarke have rebirth the vision with a digital twist. Launched on Cyber Monday, November 28th, the new e-commerce site, www.ArcherPine.com, introduces the business to many “B2M” model, empower entrepreneurism and collaboration and importantly, elevate the “digital black dollar”.

Archer & Pine intends to empower artisans to elevate entrepreneurism by:

* Building a powerful and effective online presence for creators to showcase and sell goods

* Selling directly to consumers with Archer & Pine facilitating the transactions making it simpler for the Creators to Focus on what they do best…. Create!

* Expecting sales in real time, enabling secure shipping and tracking

“Over the last 25 years, I have observed entrepreneurs struggle to obtain efficient exposure for their businesses. In the case of e-commerce, most black-owned small businesses lack the capital or resources to build and maintain a fully functioning online presence,” states Co-Founder Marc Clarke. “Archer & Pine provides not only the marketplace but the appropriate environment that promotes storytelling and creativity.”

Each artisan is handpicked exclusively by Archer & Pine based on four major pillars preparedness, product quality, scalability, and presentation. Select artisans include:

* Jams by Kim (Hillsborough, NJ) – artisanal handmade gluten-free Jams made from three generations of recipes with more that 45 flavors of Jams created with the best in season fruits.

*Pittmans Popcorn (Springfield, IL) – with a devoted following and retail store front location which offering more than 70 flavors of artisanal popcorn.

* Bino and Fino (Abuja, Nigeria) – children’s educational programming and learning tools based on the indigenous cultures and people of Africa.

* Doggie Diva by Cindy (Baltimore, MD) – all natural and alcohol-free all natural product line for dogs. The line includes detangler, conditioner, and wash to promote healthy hair.


“Archer & Pine is not only for entrepreneurs,” states co-founder Morgan R Gantt. “Enthusiasts can also enjoy the benefits of joining our community by sharing links to their favorite brands within their network and get directly compensated for any purchase derived from that link. Finally, we have a platform that closes the loop on the Black Digital Economy while having an immediate impact on the black community.”

ArcherPine.com went live on Cyber Monday, November 28, 2016. To celebrate the launch, select media outlets hosted a live interactive broadcast online to highlight the featured artisans and share unique stories of entrepreneurship. For additional information, visit the website at www.ArcherPine.com and follow on social media platforms Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


About Archer & Pine
Archer & Pine is a new curated e-commerce marketplace dedicated to artisans and designers of African descent. Archer & Pine was inspired by the events of the original “Black Wall Street” of Tulsa, OK, in which hundreds of thriving black-owned businesses were eradicated in 1921. The brand’s mission is to celebrate creativity, support community entrepreneurship, cooperative economics and most importantly, circulate the Black Dollar. Founders Morgan R. Gantt and Marc Clarke have instituted a “Business to Many” (B2M) model to help sustain longevity in the digital space as well as create a voice for the creator to showcase their story.


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