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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Black Dad Whose Daughter Died Unexpectedly Two Years Ago Pens Emotional Book About Grief

Author Lehman Riley

Nationwide — During his childhood, author Lehman Riley was fascinated by his grandfather Papa Lemon. Unfortunately, Papa Lemon passed away in 1973 when Lehman was 10 years old. Lehman’s love and admiration for Papa Lemon inspired him to write The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers children’s series book. Papa Lemon’s Magical Train transports 5 racially diverse friends, the Little Wanderers, back in time in order for them to meet great U.S. historical figures. Most importantly, Papa Lemon serves as a positive African American grandfather role model for the five friends.

Two years ago, Lehman’s life was turned upside down. His 23-year-old daughter passed away unexpectedly in June 2020. The pain and grief of the loss of his daughter were unbearable. Countless hours of prayer and dependence on God has slowly melted away some of the pain. Last year Lehman was inspired to write a book about grief in order to help others dealing with loss and to honor the life of his daughter Tianna.

The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers: Losing Lizzy A Story of Grief is his 36-page book that shows readers that even when the tears won’t stop flowing and it feels like happiness will never return, one day they will smile and laugh again.

Lehman states, “I always heard life can change in a split second. For some reason, I didn’t think it would happen to me in such a painful way. I was on my knees praying for all my family and friends that night before my daughter died. The days after, I thanked God for choosing me out of all the men in the world to be Tianna’s Father. What a gift from my heavenly Father.”

For more information about the Papa Lemon book series, visit www.papalemonedu.com

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