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Monday, July 10, 2023

13-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur Opens Her Heart to African American Foster Children and Their Unique Hair Needs

Lena Ford, founder of Embrace Their Roots

Nationwide — Lena Ford, a blossoming serial entrepreneur from Marietta, Georgia, is proud to announce her new initiative “Embrace Their Roots Campaign.” She is proof that age is just a number for this future teenage business leader. Although she is only 13, she has already accomplished much including being an author and spear-heading various platforms. She is a testimony to the fact that people are never too young to make a positive impact on society.

Lena is wise beyond her years and unselfish in her approach. Along with Co-Founder/ Executive Director, Tressie Bloodworth -Ford they have formed Kinship Family Initiative, a non-profit 501(c)(3). This dynamic undertaking is a support network for kinship families developed under the banner of “the power of giving back to your community.”

According to Fosterva, “In 2021 there were 214,421 foster parents in the United States, fostering children of all ages, from toddlers to high school age to young adults.” This is a considerably large number but many more are required. The impending need is greater than the supply and the hope is that more people will open up their homes to these unfortunate children.

The “Embrace Their Roots Campaign” highlights a concern that is close to Lena’s heart. The mission is: To bridge the gap between African American hair products and African American children in foster care and experiencing homelessness by raising awareness, educating care givers and service providers, and providing resources for proper haircare.

African American children have unique hair needs that are often overlooked and underserved because of the lack of understanding on the part of their foster families. They require hair products that are culturally correct and highlight their ethnicity. The “Embrace Their Roots” campaign’s focus is to facilitate partnerships with hair care companies to provide resources and products for foster families and homeless shelters. In addition, they endeavor to create a supportive community that encourages the embrace of African American hair culture.

The plan is to: (1) incorporate social media to facilitate awareness (2) host educational workshops and seminars for foster parents, (3) collaborate with haircare companies to secure product donations or discounts for foster families and homeless shelters, and (4) community building by creating an online platform, Facebook group where participants can share.

For more details about the Kinship Family Initiative, visit KinshipFamilyInitiative.org

About the founder
“I’m the CEO of Positively Lena, a youth-oriented business that promotes positivity through a range of products and services. At the age of seven, I started an initiative called ARTing for You, I collect art supplies and donate them to shelters, foster homes, and transitional homes that help children. I started this business, (Positively Lena), when I was just nine years old, inspired by my desire to spread positivity to everyone I meet.”

For more information on how to donate to the “Embrace Their Roots Campaign,” please contact tressie@kinshipfamilyinitiative.com or 678-826-9208.