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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Black Author Releases Compilation About Rare and Unique Experiences That He Had While Flying

Les Dotson, author of 'Meetings at 35,000 Feet'

Nationwide“Meetings” at 35,000 Feet and What Are Their “Meanings”? is a compilation of Les Dotson’s 25 memories of travelers made during 28+ years traveling in airplanes. It is about the beautiful, funny, spiritual, crazy, and eventful encounters with people at 35,000 feet in the air while flying for more than 3 million miles internationally.

In the book, Les shares 25 stories of love, laughter, near tragedy, spiritual encounters, intense moments, partnerships, and much more. When one of the most terrifying events in Les’ book happened (an emergency landing from a diving plane), he decided that he would act accordingly. He feels that this is the right time to use every opportunity he gets to try to remember that particular incident and to understand what life is truly about.

Les’ greatest motivation/spiritual awakening to write this book actually came when he sat next to JW on a flight from Bradley, CT to Chicago and Chicago to LA. When Les looked over to JW, he could see that he was either tired from a long week of work, or he had something pressing on his mind. JW was wearing a black rubber bracelet with “God is Big Enough” written on it.

Les and JW started a conversation, then Les asked JW about the bracelet… and the “meeting” for the two men began! In JW’s words and as Les believes, God was the orchestrator of this “meeting” at 35,000 feet. The brother-ship and prayer partner after this meeting in their personal and business lives was the “meaning”. Today, several years later, JW and Les keep in touch on a weekly basis and encourage each other through spiritual inspirations and messages.

“Meetings” at 35,000 feet and What are their “Meanings”? recounts the stories of 25 diverse people literally “meeting” at 35,000 feet. Some of the stories included are: Smokey New Mexico, The Disappearing Guy, Friend in need in the Universe, Responsible Adults, Crazy Patricia, You are Cute, Ms. Dancer, The Creative Mind vs The Heart, Domestic violence on a flight…not tolerated, Follow Your Dreams, and Ms. Rasta Girl.

According to Les, “After a very scary encounter, I want readers to know that it is amazing to be fully awake and that I don’t want to go back to sleep; and I don’t want to fool myself into thinking things here on earth are under our full control because they are not. I believe in the universal connections of life; I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. I believe that we are all connected in one way or another, and I believe in equality for the salvation of humanity.”

About the author:
Les Dotson was born in Inglewood, CA. He currently lives in Long Beach, CA, and is also a Panama Resident. Les is a designer, innovator, and businessman. He is fully aware of his life purpose, giving back and providing humanity solutions that help the whole world. “Meetings” at 35,000 feet and What are their “Meanings”? is his first published book.

The book is available on Amazon.

For an autographed copy of the book, order direct from Les Dotson by sending an email or text with your name and address to 732-895-6858 or lesdotson@hotmail.com. The cost is just $19.99 with free shipping and payment can be made via Paypal (pflboi@aol.com) or Venmo (@Leslie-Dotson).

For press inquiries, contact trustinfaith@gmail.com/ lesdotson@hotmail.com or call 732-895-6858.