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Monday, July 27, 2020

City of Des Moines Police Dept Gets First Ever Black Female Captain

Lillie Miller, first Black police captain in Des Moines Iowa

Des Moines, IA — Lillie Miller, who has been serving for 21 years in the Des Moines Police Department, has recently been promoted as the department’s captain. She has made history as the first Black woman to hold that rank in the city.

“This is huge for me, being a pioneer and a trailblazer is not only a great honor but a great responsibility,” Miller told KCCI. “It’s about bringing others along who look like me that can be with me.”

More than 100 people celebrated the milestone with her as she received the captain’s badge.

“I am so delighted. I could just cry to see history in the making is phenomenal for this community and everyone around it,” said Renne Hardman, a supporter.

As a captain, Miller will be responsible for running operations and helping train employees. She has shown great commitment and hard work which earned her the promotion, according to Chief Dana Wingert.

“If there is no one coming behind me, am I actually blazing a trail, or am I just creating a path? I want to be blazing a trail,” Miller said.