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Friday, February 2, 2024

Alabama State University Professor Writes “B.A.D. Girls of Montgomery” Children’s Book

Linda JM Holloway, author of Bad Girls of Montgomery

Nationwide — Often when people think of the Montgomery Bus Boycott Movement names such as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Ralph Abernathy, and Rosa Parks come to mind, and rightfully so, as they made a tremendous impact on the Montgomery Bus Boycott Movement, and so did many more. Dr. Linda J.M. Holloway, in her new children’s book B.A.D. Girls of Montgomery, wanted to shed light on a few sisters who played a significant role in igniting the fire and fueling the flames of making an impact in a dramatic landmark court case that changed where Black people could sit on the bus.

Dr. Holloway, who is native of Mound Bayou, Mississippi, stated that one of the things her parents instilled in her while growing up was, “When you visit someone else’s house, always show the host the utmost respect.” Therefore, when she relocated to Montgomery, Alabama a little over 5 years ago, she wanted to show her love and compassion for the city. Dr. Holloway has a great deal of passion for Black History. Thus, she immediately began to show her appreciation for Montgomery when she wrote a spoken word poem entitled Come On Down to Montgomery, Alabama. She would often use this poem when she was out recruiting students for the Alabama State University Master Programs in Counseling Education.

You can click the link below and hear Dr. Holloway performing her profound spoken word poem, Come On Down to Montgomery, Alabama.


However, Dr. Holloway’s compassion did not stop there. She decided she would write a children’s book highlighting a few of the women who played a significant role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott movement such as Mary Fair Burks, Dr. Jo Ann Robinson, Aurelia Browder, Claudette Colvin, Mary Smith, and Susan McDonald. She titled this book B.A.D. Girls of Montgomery. The acronym B.A.D. translates to Bold And Determined. She describes these women as BAD because they were indescribably determined to not allow anyone to turn them around by not giving up their seats on the bus.

What is the Book About?

This is a book about a little girl who goes by the name of Little Miss Linda where she takes a school trip from Mound Bayou, Mississippi to Montgomery, Alabama. This is the first year her school is offering a class in Social Justice. Thus, the teacher Ms. Elena Tate did not just want to take the children on any road trip. She wanted it to be educational. She required the students to produce a project as a result of this trip. Little Miss Linda was so enthralled and fascinated about what she learned about the Montgomery Bus Boycott Movement and the role the women played. She decided she would create a PowerPoint presentation, and she called it BAD Girls of Montgomery.

Dr. Holloway likes to make her books interactive, so you are going to find LOL questions (Learning Out Loud). She likes to make sure children learn something from the books they read and have lively discussions. In addition, there is a scavenger hunt for this book along with a social justice pledge.

You can find her books on Amazon:

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About the Author:
Dr. Linda J. M. Holloway has over 29 years of teaching experience in higher education. She is currently an Associate Professor at Alabama State University in the Counseling Education Master Programs. Dr. Holloway says one of the greatest joys in life is teaching and being taught. She also loves to read, watch a good movie, spend time with family and friends and do absolutely nothing.

She lives by her own motto “Dream your own Dreams”. She also encourages and inspires others to live out their own dreams for their life. Additionally, Dr. Holloway is also the author of both The Montgomery Riverboat Curriculum Study Guide and Black Fathers Matters-Unpacking the Kirk Franklin Curriculum Study Guide. She strongly believes in educating others as she herself becomes educated.

For press inquiries, contact lindahollowayspeak@gmail.com