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Monday, November 15, 2021

Black-Owned Herbal Brand Enhances Long Time Product, Alpha RX Plus, to Overcome ED

Black man taking ED herbal supplement

NationwideLive Natural, formally Alpha RX Plus, the Black-owned herbal products company providing solutions that keep harmony in the bedroom since 2012 has enhanced the efficacy of their long-time product Alpha RX Plus for men needing to overcome Erectile Dysfunction.

JR Scroggins and his family launched the company in 2011 and begin marketing and selling their Alpha RX Plus products in 2012. It is mostly offered to men aged 40-75 and has shown a 97% success rate in defeating ED.

A much-appreciated feature of the company is its semi-annual survey of customers. Giving customers an ability to gauge product quality and effectiveness. In a recent survey of over 1,000 customers, several long-time users mentioned the effect of Alpha RX Plus seem not to be as strong or lasting as it was between 2012-2019.

Scroggins comments, “Many of our customers told us in their feedback that they are waking up in the mornings with erections like they did when they were in their twenties. However, for a few customers, somehow that reaction got lost in the sauce.”

But thanks to feedback in their customer surveys, Live Natural knew they had to revisit their formula to get back to the success that their product provided prior to 2019.

“We felt any number below 97% success rate was not within our goal for Alpha RX Plus,” says Scroggins. “So, we took our core product off the market for a short time, revisited our processes, and enhanced our product for effectiveness.”

The original product Alpha RX Plus has been reformulated, using the same 7 herbs, and in its second generation now known as Alpha-Omega7.

Scroggins says that the key is in knowing the right combination of herbs, freshness, climate, and when to harvest the herbs.

Alpha-Omega 7 is now available in their site store along with other recent products such as Eve’s Alpha 8 for women and Virility Candy, a marble-sized chocolate-coated hard candy to combat ED that comes in individual wrappers and quickly melts in the mouth with water.

Scroggins adds, “As a consumer of my own products, I share some of the same findings and reactions as other customers.”

To learn about Live Natural products that provide harmony in the bedroom, visit

For press inquiries, contact JR Scroggins at jr@live-natural-7.com or 877-500-5959.

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