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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Liz J. Simpson, Domestic Violence Survivor Turned Author, Releases Step-By-Step Book Empowering Women To Heal – “The Puzzle Pieces of Me”

— October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month —

Liz J. Simpson

San Antonio, TX — Every 9 seconds, in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten. More than 1 in 3 women have experienced rape, domestic violence or stalking and kept quiet. The first step to putting the pieces back together is not easy and can be daunting at times. Many victims feel ashamed, helpless and emotionally spent. Liz J. Simpson (www.thepuzzlepiecesofme.com) used to be one of those women. Her debut book, The Puzzle Pieces Of Me: How To Find Yourself, Love Yourself & Live The Life Of Your Dreams (ISBN: 978-0-9963265-0-6, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5, 206 pages, $14.95), a self-help memoir, is scheduled for release on October 1st. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Simpson will partner with local shelters for book giveaways.

The heartfelt, empowering story shared publicly, for the very first time, chronicles Simpson’s life as a college student on academic scholarship at a big ten university, changing her major and unknowingly triggering a series of events that would change her life forever. In a blink of an eye, she became a homeless, abused, single mother on welfare, living in a battered women shelter with an infant daughter.

The book, The Puzzle Pieces Of Me: How To Find Yourself, Love Yourself & Live The Life Of Your Dreams – “inside-out” success coach Liz J. Simpson combines her experience as an author, entrepreneur and speaker to create a spiritual ten-step blueprint for women to take baby steps towards self-healing. “I know what it’s like to feel empty, however, I had to move mentally and physically beyond my circumstance and embrace a new life filled with courage,” says Simpson. In addition to the ten-step blueprint, the book is loaded with actionable teaching, empowering quotes, positive affirmations, learning exercises and space to write personal reflections. Simpson says, “There is a shift that is happening worldwide with the women’s empowerment movement as women take hold of more leadership positions and challenge the gender roles of old. However, it is even more important that we connect with the wholeness of our being so that we may show up authentically as we stake our claim in this world.”

InThe Puzzle of Me, readers will learn:

* How to identify what’s robbing them internally from success
* How to emotionally heal from your past & use it to identify your purpose
* How to “be love” and attract love
* How to master change and fear
* How to unleash your highest self and claim the exclusive calling on your life

Simpson is known for being a catalyst for inner evolution. As a transformational speaker, writer and coach, Liz is highly regarded for her ability to identify with, as well as, elevate women whose internal challenges of limiting beliefs, fear and low self-worth are getting in the way of living the lifestyle of their dreams. Her life’s work is inspired by her commitment to helping women: discover their true self, embrace every piece of their intricate puzzle and gift the world with their authentic calling. Simpson is the creator of the global domestic violence awareness movement, “He Hit Me!” and has coached over 200 women in healing with shelter monitoring and volunteering in domestic causes. She has been featured in Houston Style magazine, Wisconsin NPR, Brava magazine and San Diego Voices and Viewpoint newspaper.

In The Puzzle Pieces Of Me: How To Find Yourself, Love Yourself & Live The Life Of Your Dreams, readers will believe and realize that life is filled with hope (no matter what), possibilities and knowing that there is pride in being a woman. Liz J. Simpson’s book is available on October 1st, on various publishing platforms, including Amazon.com. To learn more and interview Mrs. Simpson, visit www.thepuzzlepiecesofme.com.


Liz J. Simpson

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