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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

19-Year-Old Lloyd Irvin III, Former Martial Arts Champion, Commits to Playing Football for University of Maryland

Lloyd Irvin III

Nationwide — Lloyd Irvin III, a standout former martial arts champion and an elite athlete from Flowers High School in Springdale, Maryland, has made a significant leap in his athletic career by committing to the University of Maryland’s football program. On NCAA National Signing Day, December 20, 2023, Irvin signed his National Letter of Intent amidst considerable anticipation and excitement.

This talented young athlete, who has been heavily recruited by top-tier universities, has chosen Maryland, a decision influenced by the university’s impressive history of nurturing cornerbacks who go on to achieve NFL success. With offers from Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State, Boston College, West Virginia, and many others, Irvin’s choice is a testament to Maryland’s esteemed program.

Standing at an impressive 6’3″ and weighing 180 lbs, Irvin’s performance as a cornerback at Flowers High School was nothing short of remarkable. Not allowing a single touchdown throughout the season, his agility, speed, and strategic thinking— skills honed from his background in martial arts—have drawn comparisons to the NFL’s New Jersey Jets standout cornerback, Sauce Gardner. Such comparisons highlight the potential NFL scouts see in him.

Irvin’s commitment to Maryland is significant, not only because securing an NCAA full scholarship is a rare achievement but also due to his alignment with the exact attributes NFL teams seek in a cornerback. His unique combination of height, athleticism, and tactical acumen places him as a promising prospect for future NFL drafts.

The University of Maryland, known for its solid track record in getting cornerbacks drafted into the NFL, appears to be the perfect steppingstone for Irvin’s aspirations. His martial arts background adds a distinctive edge to his gameplay, expected to be a valuable asset in the competitive arena of college football.

As Irvin joins the Terrapins, he brings not just his remarkable skills but also the hopes and expectations of becoming one of the NFL’s future stars. His journey is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes and a source of pride for the Prince George’s County community.

Lloyd Irvin III, a former martial arts champion and an acclaimed football player, has demonstrated exceptional prowess in both fields. His extraordinary abilities, coupled with his commitment to excellence, make him a standout athlete with a bright future ahead.

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