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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Reggae Artist Who Named Almost 300 People in a Song About Violence Releases New Song Called “Crazy Love”

Lushy Banton

Nationwide — In today’s world, violence is becoming part of the norm. Kingston-born Reggae/Dancehall artist Lushy Banton recalls losing close friends and others in his community due to violence experienced across the world. Naming almost 300 people in his song ‘Gone but Not Forgotten,’ Banton has touched many with this song, making it their anthem for Kingston, Jamaica.

Banton will never understand why those who choose violence do not select other opportunities. He reflects on the lyrics in his song entitled ‘Obama.’ The lyrics: “Treat people like how yuh want to be treated. Like hug up, kiss up, we want to be treated. Yet every weh we uh, we feel offended.” Banton continues, “Much of the violence stems from forgotten love.”

Unfortunately, today’s music promotes violence that is taking our loved ones. The world would be different by expressing love in our music, goals, and choices.

Take, for example, this new aspiring couple, superstar Drake’s dancehall artist Popcaan and longest reigning Miss World Toni-Ann Singh. In a recent interview, Banton reported, “The love between these two young artists is so refreshing. The fact that they have love as a driving force has helped these two beat the odds.”

He adds, “I was inspired to write ‘Crazy Love’ when I first saw them traveling together on a private jet from Jamaica to Grenada last year. The chemistry is magical between them, and to see how their Love has driven them to a power move releasing their new single and music video, ‘Next to Me.’ It shows you can never go wrong when Love is driving you.”

“In my ‘Crazy Love’ lyrics,” states Banton, “I wrote ‘Vision me and her play pon the same team.'” And for these two stars, that vision became a reality with love. ‘Crazy Love’ is something we should all focus on. If we all were so crazy in love with ourselves, our families, our goals, and everything, things would work much better.”

Banton hails from Grants Pen in Kingston and is familiar with dancehall. He brought light to the dancehall space for several years with his electrifying dancehall music mix and innovative performances. He has charted with ‘Brown Eye Girl’, ‘Oh No’ (with Wyclef Jean), ‘Mate HearSay’, ‘So Much Trouble’ (sampled with Bob Marley), and ‘Exercise’.

His previous smash hit song ‘Obama’ was released in 2008 when the then Senator was elected the first African American President in the USA. Banton also made headlines with the single Undocumented, recorded on a bouncy, infectious dancehall beat. He also garnered attention for a mixtape that included snippets from ‘The Undocumented’ and clips of speeches from President Barack Obama and other political leaders.

‘Crazy Love’ is available on all major music platforms; expect a video clip to follow on the single’s release.
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