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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Millennial Property Developers to Open Black-Owned COVID-Safe Office Suites

Majesty and Elize have opened their EVOPIA headquarters in Atlanta for COVID-safe coworking

Majesty and Elize, founder of Evopia COVID Safe Office Suites

Atlanta, GA — Tired of working from home? Business owners, self-employed freelancers, and creative artists are welcome to join a new community and workspace. EVOPIA, an online social network connecting Black leaders to the Black community, is opening their physical headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on October 1, 2020. The EVOPIA headquarters is a newly renovated space for creatives and entrepreneurs to come work in solitude during the “Shelter in Place” orders, yet members are welcome to “Shelter in Space”! With isolated 1-person offices, members can participate in virtual meetings and host their webinars in solitude.

Each meeting room is equipped with sinks for 4 people or less to accommodate frequent hand washing and social distancing measures. In addition, the entire premises is frequently disinfected and cleaned. EVOPIA members have access to a music recording studio, a video studio and photography studio at the headquarters in Atlanta. High-speed wifi and corporate mailing services are also available, making it the perfect place for anyone trying to handle their affairs.

This non-profit focuses on pooling the resources within the Black community for the benefit of the entire African diaspora. EVOPIA is establishing 25 chapters across the country to rehabilitate Black communities. Each chapter will be responsible for opening a local food bank. At this particular location, EVOPIA will have a food bank and donation center with free donation drop-off and pick-up in the Atlanta area.

Along with friendly staff, EVOPIA services those who identify as parents as it has a playroom managed by a professional caretaker for children 5 and under. All members can work in a safe space as the premises offers 24/7 video surveillance and armed security.

EVOPIA strongly believes in its motto, “We Have Power”, as they strive to provide resources, education, and opportunities for the African American community. Join EVOPIA for free today at EVOPIA.org to learn more information about the Grand Opening of EVOPIA.

Follow Majesty and Elize as they develop real estate to help offer life-sustaining resources to the Black Diaspora on Instagram @Majesty_Elize

Also learn more about the couple at MajestyElize.com


For press inquiries, contact Kenya Hadnot at marketing@evopia.org or 404-865-1221