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Monday, November 25, 2019

Black Author Flips the Script in New Book, “Make America Hate Again”

Make America Hate Again By Sean XLG Mitchell

NationwideMake America Hate Again by Sean XLG Mitchell is a crash course on African American history, past and present. It is in direct response to the slogan that quickly grew into a national movement spearheaded by members of the right-wing faction. Following headlines and media coverage, we have seen a sea of red hats across the country. While certain segments of white America embrace the hype surrounding this propaganda, African Americans and other people of color are left asking “When was America ever great?”

From this perspective, the meaning behind the red cap movement is divisive and has a negative connotation that exudes racism following the nation’s first Black president. This is the kind of hatred that reflects America’s shameful past of slavery, segregation, lynching and various forms of discrimination. The mere suggestion of making America “great again” is a blatant contradiction to the morals and values this country claims to uphold. This is the motivating factor behind hip-hop activist Sean XLG Mitchell’s new book Make America Hate Again.

The book examines the current racial climate across the country, highlighting various examples of racism and discrimination faced by African Americans on an ongoing basis. The work seamlessly details historical facts of the past and present, painting a sullen reality for Black America that may seem quite daunting to people of other races. Nevertheless, Make America Hate Again proves the red cap acronym to be as hollow and empty as its’ promise.

Sean XLG states, “If we’re going to move forward as a nation then everyone has to be included in the vision, people of all races. We can’t allow a movement fueled by hate to go unchallenged.” The release of the book couldn’t be timelier given the new bullet proof memorial for civil rights icon Emmett Till, that was recently erected after repeated acts of vandalism left the previous marker riddled with bullet holes. Sean adds, “They can’t rewrite history as if our experience is insignificant.”


About the Author:
Sean XLG Mitchell is a leading authority on the African American experience. He’s an award-winning rap artist, grass roots activist and scholar. Sean has worked extensively in organizing and leading community-based study groups, volunteering in schools, as well as a youth mentor. Sean is the author of several books to include How Do We Build A Real Wakanda?


About the Book:
Make America Hate Again by Sean XLG Mitchell is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon.com.


Chris Howard
ALB Management Group