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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Toy Designer Fires Back After Critics Say Her Dolls Are “Too Dark”

Malaville Toy Dolls

Malaville Toy Dolls

Nationwide — Entrepreneur Mala Bryan, via her company Malaville Toys, is an independent doll maker that designs dolls for African and African American girls to play with. Her unique dolls come in several different shades of brown, each with her own backstory, including career and hobbies. Some, however, have been saying that her dolls are “too dark”.

For example, after watching a segment about the dolls on YouTube, one commenter, posted a message saying, “I think that one doll is a bit too dark.” She even wrote that that particular doll was probably one of the least selling item, and suggested she get rid of it.

That simple comment sparked outrage on social media. Even Mala herself was offended, and responded by posting a message on social media that said: “Sending lots of love to the beautiful dark skinned people out there, especially to those that share the same complexion as our #MaishaDoll just know that you black is beautiful.” She also revealed that the Maisha doll, is in fact, her second best-seller, contrary to what her critics assume.

The truth is that the Malaville doll collection fills a major void in an industry that still underrepresents toys that reflect the kids that play with them. Industry experts say that with the increasing demand of dolls for little black girls, dolls with darker complexions are very likely to become even more popular – especially in Jamaica and countries throughout Africa.

According to their web site: “Malaville is a place of stunning beauty, where everyone is welcome to play. It is a place where your imagination comes to life and your heart fills up with joy. It is a wonderful place of make-believe, where everything is possible and dreams come true. So come on in, and join the journey into the world of creative imagination.”

For more details about Mallaville Toys, visit www.malavilletoys.com or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MalavilleMB/