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Monday, March 7, 2022

Mom and Her Two Sons, the Owners of Chicago’s Newest Black-Owned Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Company

Malanda Griffin, founders of One Step Forward Cleaning in Chicago

Nationwide — Meet Malanda Griffin and her two sons, 17-year old Isaiah and 15-year old Bryce, the owners and founders of One Step Forward Cleaning, one of the fastest-growing Black-owned businesses in the Chicago, Illinois area that offers premium commercial, construction, janitorial, and residential cleaning services.

Their company offers daily, weekly, and bi-weekly cleaning services for homes and offices, and they customize their services to meet the specific needs of their clients. Far exceeding the standards of the CDC guidelines, they also only use toxic-free cleaning materials.

Malanda comments, “We’re strong believers in the saying that health is wealth. In practice, one of the surest ways of ensuring good health is by creating a clean and hospitable environment free of germs and other contaminants.”

“Our goal as a family-owned business is to help you keep your homes, schools, and offices squeaky clean so that your family, students, and clients can interact and transact in a safe hazard-free space,” she adds.

One Step Forward Cleaning boasts of their dedicated staff with years of experience handling all sorts of cleaning jobs and assures their prospective clients that it takes extra care to ensure no harm will come to their property as a result of negligence or carelessness.

For more details about One Step Forward Cleaning and/or to retain their services, visit OneStepForwardCleaning.com

For press inquiries, contact clean@onestepforwardcleaning.com or 815-326-0047.