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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New Book, “Urban Xcellence,” Celebrates Extraordinay Stories of Successful African Americans

Malcom X Bowser, author of Urban Xcellence

Malcom X Bowser, author of Urban Xcellence

Nationwide — In his new book, Urban Xcellence: Unveiling Extraordinary Stories by Every People, author Malcom Bowser introduces a concept called “Urban Xcellence” that he and his father coined on their podcast, The Urban X Podcast. It is what they call the new standard of embracing your community as a gift rather than a curse. It is about highlighting every win within our community no matter how big or small they are perceived to be.

Urban Xcellence takes readers on a journey by highlighting 11 everyday people who are all on their own personal journeys to create success and “Xcellence” for themselves. Some are entrepreneurs, some are 9-5ers but what everyone has in common is that their individual stories, and experiences continually fuel what they want out of life and what they consider to be success and Xcellence.

Malcom comments, “If Black Excellence is the destination, then Urban Xcellence is the journey.”

He continues, “It is time we begin to highlight and champion shining examples from our community. Success is not eXclusive to the rich and famous, nor does it mean the same to everyone. Together, let’s follow the unfinished journeys of 11 everyday individuals as they strive to make a difference in their own lives and their communities.”

The book is available now for pre-order on Amazon!

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Malcom Bowser