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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Man Proposes to Adopt His 2 Stepdaughters While Getting Married to Their Mom

Dontez Williams

Nationwide — In a heartfelt moment at a wedding in Detroit, Michigan, the groom Dontez Williams proposed to the 2 daughters of his bride, asking if he could adopt them. It was captured in a video that has since gone viral on Instagram.

“I never knew you really do become a man when you have children,” said Williams, who is 33-years old. “Having someone to teach, protect, provide for them, discipline them, learn from them and support them. For all of these reasons, you’ve helped me become a better person.”

The moment brought tears of joy to the two girls, 9-year old Abigail and 8-year old Natalie, as Williams got on his knee to accept his proposal to become their legal father. He said, “I know that I’m a father figure to you both.”

It happened as Williams was getting married to the girls’ mother Myshella Burton, who is 26-years old. The couple, who met through the dating website Plenty of Fish, has been together for 7 years. Williams has been in the girls’ lives since they were 1 and 2-years old.

He planned the surprise secretly to make the day more special for their family and conspired with the wedding officiant to make it happen.

“Myshella was really shocked, but she was happy and just thankful for me stepping up,” Williams told Fox News. “She was really happy that I feel that way for them and said she’s grateful to have me in their lives.”

Williams posted the video on Instagram, which has over 17,000 views and hundreds of praiseful comments so far.