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Friday, July 22, 2022

This 6AM Morning Acceleration Program Builds Discipline For Black Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Marc Coley Business Academy

Nationwide — Through his continued efforts to elevate the black community, author, mentor, veteran, and serial entrepreneur Marc Coley is facilitating an accountability program to help build discipline for entrepreneurs and leaders. The Marc Coley Business Academy has been on a mission to guide leaders in multiple industries to curate new ways to navigate success that goes beyond the professional realm. Through spiritual, personal, and business development, this Morning Acceleration Program will transform a group of entrepreneurs who desire true discipline.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that young black entrepreneurs take control of their futures in all aspects of career, personal, and finance. Since 2019, The Marc Coley Business Academy has toured the country, providing training to over 100 minority entrepreneurs. These sessions allow men and women in business to take on new perspectives and formulate the essential behavioral change that will catapult the necessary shift within the culture. Peddling new business techniques, spiritual transformations, and establishing strategic partnerships, Marc Coley’s expertise shows entrepreneurs how to dive deeper into their purpose.

Those who are accepted for the Morning Acceleration Program will enter an arena filled with weekly business challenges, networking opportunities, funding resources, annual retreats, classes, and more. As an extra step toward building accountability, a 6 AM Wake Up Class via Zoom is scheduled three times a week. Each class is designed to not only discuss business goals but help you build discipline amongst a community of professionals who all want the same outcomes.

“Developing yourself as an entrepreneur can be a different path for each individual. From the amount of drive, expertise, and commitment, no two roads are the same. But when you have an understanding of the foundation you need to have a chance at a life you want, there’s no limitation to success. Regardless of your walk in this life, everyone can experience a moment where authentic change takes place, and you are called to explore the best version of yourself,” says award-winning Business Coach Marc Coley.

Previous members of The Marc Coley Business Academy praise this Morning Acceleration Program for ultimately uncovering the roadblocks that have been hidden inside them. By taking on this responsibility for change, these entrepreneurs have the incredible opportunity to foster tremendous success. Melanie Allen writes, “I’ve never been a morning person, but I look forward to class 3 times per week. Being able to merge my faith with business while breaking generational curses has been quite an experience.” Rashad Terry explains how transformational the program has been for him. “Joining TMBCA has been something necessary not just for my business but for me as a person! You need to be here truly! I’m glad I joined.”

For more information on The Marc Coley Business Academy and to apply for the upcoming Morning Acceleration Program, visit https://slkt.io/8pTD

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