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Friday, June 23, 2023

After 7 Years of Research, Black Entrepreneur Finally Develops New Hair Growth Oil Formula

Mariah Lovemore, founder of Naija Beauty Products

Nationwide — Mariah Lovermore, an African American cosmetologist who is also the founder and CEO of Naija by Lovemore beauty products, spent seven years researching and developing a hair growth formula for Black women and men who wear natural hairstyles, and now she has finally broken the code so to speak.

The product is called Naija Growth Elixir, and it helps make natural hair more manageable, softer, and shinier which retains length and stimulates growth in areas treating alopecia, postpartum, and dandruff. Her innovative formula accomplishes all of this without leaving a person’s natural hair and scalp feeling greasy. It has given people of African descent hope and courage to wear their hair with confidence while enjoying its invigorating and pleasant fragrance.

Mariah says that she inherited her entrepreneurial spirit such as passion, creativity, confidence, motivation, optimism resilience, and decisiveness. She says that “her motto from the source of healing” goes deeper than the surface. Her sense of community has driven her to address and help those suffering from suicide and depression during the pandemic through song and inspiration by way of Puerto Rico, Mexico, and beyond.

As an experienced cosmetologist, she pays close attention to her client’s needs and specifically targeted the necessary ingredients to resolve and beautify her customers. Naija Growth Elixir, which is her newest breakthrough product, is a high-quality oil blend that is stored in a special ombre glass bottle with essential oils.

She comments, “I researched this project for seven years and was able to give some of my customers prototypes of the formulation. Their positive feedback and reactions inspired and motivated me that I had successfully developed a winning product.” After realizing that she was now ready to go to market, she came up with the company name “Naija By Lovemore” and decided to name her first product “Naija Growth Elixir”.

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