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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Michael Baisden Makes Epic Return To Radio

Michael Baisden Returns to Radio

Atlanta, GA — Renowned radio personality Michael Baisden announced to his 4 million fans on his Facebook page this morning that he will return to radio soon.

The departure of Michael Baisden left a huge void in urban radio. Recognized as one of the most influential men in radio, Michael Baisden hosted, produced, and programmed the top rated and most listened to urban afternoon drive radio program in history with over nearly 100 affiliates. He is also a TV talk show host; filmmaker and New York Times best-­‐selling author with nearly two million books in print.

When Baisden was asked why he returned now after three years, he responded: “All the most important things that happen in my life happened at just the right time, and this is it! Adversity can sometimes reveal your true purpose, and I found that purpose in mentoring and encouraging people through the airwaves.”

Every since the beating death of Derion Albert in his hometown of Chicago back in 2009, Baisden has been on a one-man crusade advocating for men to become mentors. He invested more than half a million dollars of his own money into mentoring organizations during a 2010 year-long bus tour that visited more than 70 cities.

Baisden says it’s clear to him that mentoring African American boys is the most effective and immediate way to impact their lives. “My partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, National Cares, Boys and Girls Clubs, African American Fraternities and Sororities, and community leaders has grown even stronger since I left radio,” Baisden said. “We are building a network that will be used as a model for other cities.”

Baisden is also credited as being one of the most influential voices in the election and re-­election of President Obama. And he was undeniably the leading voice in the Jena 6 (spearheading the march) and Trayvon Martin cases. His partnership with the Black and Missing Foundation continues beyond radio.

Baisden will syndicate through his own company with various partnerships, which includes The Michael Baisden Show for afternoon drive, podcast, video features, short form radio features – and of course, his trademarked Battle of the Sexes feature that’s a hit with adults and children alike.

Given his record over the past 10 years, there is no doubt that he will continue to grow that success. The listeners want him back, the affiliates want him back, and it sounds like he’s ready to come back! So, watch out world, here he comes again!

For more information on Michael Baisden visit his official website at www.MichaelBaisden.com or follow him on Facebook at MichaelBaisdenLive


About Michael Baisden
Michael Baisden is undeniably one of the most influential and engaging personalities in radio history. His meteoric rise to #1 redefined radio with a syndicated show heard in 100 cities with nearly 8 million listeners. As a college drop out, ex Air force airman, single parent, and transit worker from the south side of Chicago, he wanted his life to mean something. That opportunity came when he stepped out on faith to live his dream of becoming a writer. That courageous step resulted in five best selling books with nearly 2 million in print and 2 stage plays. He is a renowned radio personality, noted speaker, TV show host, film producer, social activist, philanthropist and has a mentoring partnership with BBBS. Because of his initiate BBBS named an award in his honor called ‘The Michael Baisden Inspiration Award.’ He was recently awarded the ‘Good Brother’ from the National Congress of Black Women. For more details, visit www.MichaelBaisden.com


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