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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Michael McCant a.k.a. “Billionaire Catt” Finally Breaks His Silence and Reveals the Messy Truth: Full Interview

Michael McCant aka Billionaire Catt

Michael McCant aka Billionaire Catt

Nationwide — The following is a transcript of Michael “Billionaire Catt” McCant’s interview with reporters, editors and an opinion columnist.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for joining us and I want to reaffirm this is on the record.

McCant: OK

Interviewer: Michael “Billionaire Catt” McCant, it’s great to sit down with you after your bid, exactly how much time did you do?

McCant: I did two and a half years in time and another 6 months on home confinement.

Interviewer: You, TI, Little Wayne, Ja Rule, Jimmy Henchman, and a host of others hip hop notables all went to the feds in recent years, is there a government conspiracy against hip hop?

McCant: No I don’t think there’s a conspiracy against hip hop, I don’t believe that’s the problem. The feds investigate and prosecute everyone and anyone that someone is willing to rat on to take the pressure and the case off their own a**es and it doesn’t matter what nationality or professional field they’re in.

Interviewer: You were convicted in a tax evasion related Ponzi scheme. Is that right?

McCant: Yes, that’s about the size of it, but of course, I was the only one to go to jail you know. Go Figure.

Interviewer: Word on the streets is that you handled yours like a man, took the case and didn’t talk against anyone else in the case. You accepted responsibility and kept your name, your brand and your respect for that matter intact, any regrets?

McCant: None. I’m cut from an old-school cloth. If you are willing to play the game, then you must be willing to pay the game.

Interviewer: That’s real talk, do you have any animosity towards any of the people that sold you out to the feds?

McCant: None. I bare no malice towards anyone. I believe in God and his karma towards anyone. I pray they are all well and blessed.

Interviewer: Were any of them your friends?

McCant: You know everybody is your friend when you have millions of dollars. My dad – may he rest in peace – once told me “Son, I equate friends to dollar bills”, I told him I didn’t quite understand where he was coming from and he would say to me in a very stern voice” if you have a dollar and these are your friends, you would rather have 4 quarters than a hundred pennies”.

Interviewer: Ha-ha, wow that’s deep. So, what did you learn from all this respectfully?

McCant: All money isn’t good money is what I learned. I also learned to evaluate a person’s character and to do excessive due diligence on anyone you plan on doing business with in the future.

Interviewer: Exactly, as our research shows, the people spoke against you to the feds, were all able to garner immunity in exchange for giving you up, is this true?

McCant: Yes, it is true, again its part of the game. I never claimed to be an angel, I just play the game under a whole different code.

Interviewer: Speaking of code, you are originally from Newark New Jersey, which is one of the most vicious cities in the US, so I know the code you are speaking of. Describe growing up there?

McCant: One sentence, survival of the fittest. Period!

Interviewer: Were there a lot of haters in the feds?

McCant: You know, just like in the industry, the hood, the streets. You are going to have haters. I would say that 75% of the guys were too busy trying to get my game instead of hating on me. But there were maybe 25% of guys that would roll their eyes at me when I walked by or whisper amongst themselves. But you’re going to have haten a** busters or marks when you have a name or status. It’s all good as long as nobody ever raised their hands to me and nobody ever did.

Interviewer: This didn’t bother you at all?

McCant: I don’t worry about no one talking about me. I worry when people stop talking about me because if aint nobody talking about you in this industry, then you aint doing nothing!

Interviewer: How did your family take it when you had to go away and some of your real friends.

McCant: I would say that it was a blessing and a curse. Because if there’s anything that you learn when you go and do time or your become a burden to your family or friends. You find out exactly who your real family and who your real friends are.

Interviewer: I’ll bet the haters and fake friends all wish they can talk to you now, is that right?

McCant: You know…yes maybe. But it won’t happen because I’m so focused that I have no time for foolishness, procrastinators, haters, marks or busters. And comparing these fools to me is like comparing an eagle to a flea.

Interviewer: LOL. Wow. Well Billionaire Catt it’s been great interviewing you and thank you for your time.

McCant: Thank you for your time also.

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