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Monday, January 6, 2020

NYPD Cop Who Broke into Black Woman’s Home Resigns From Police Force

Michael Reynolds, NYPD cop

Nashville, TN — Michael Reynolds, the 26-year old NYPD police officer who broke into the home of a Black woman in Tennessee and attacked her and her two children with racist comments, has reportedly resigned from the police force.

According to reports, Reynolds was recently summoned to report to the police headquarters to begin the disciplinary case against him, but he quit the NYPD effective immediately instead.

“He will receive no pension or health benefits, nor will he be allowed to carry a firearm,” the NYPD said in a statement about the case.

The incident happened in July 2018, when Reynolds was in Tennessee for a bachelor’s party with other men including two other unidentified officers. They had been staying at an Airbnb near Conese Halliburton’s home that Reynolds barged into. He then threatened Halliburton and her children.

“I’ll break every f—ing bone in your f—ing neck,” Reynolds said, according to investigators, also calling the family “f—king n–gers.”

However, he pleaded no contest to multiple counts of assault with fear of bodily injury and aggravated criminal trespass. He was sentenced to only 15 days in jail and 3 years probation.

It has since sparked protests calling for him to be fired from the NYPD. Halliburton also demanded the NYPD to take action, with her attorney saying that Reynolds “is a violent and dangerous racist who has no business carrying either a badge or a gun.”