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Monday, August 10, 2020

Black Certified Public Accountant Helped Clients Save Over $8M in Taxes

Michael Valbrun, Black CPA

Nationwide — Many small and medium-sized businesses end up overpaying taxes because they often seek help from amateur accountants, tax preparers, and even well-meaning Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who do not provide the relevant proactive tax-related information to them. However, Michel Valbrun, CPA, founder of The Valbrun Group, a Black-owned accounting firm says that his company is helping businesses across the country to legally and ethically reduce their tax burden.

About the founder

Michel is an award-winning author and speaker from Florida. After completing a degree in accounting from the University of Florida, Michel went on to become a CPA. After having started his career at Ernst and Young, Michel went on to serve several Fortune 500 companies across various verticals including advisory, audit, accounting, and tax. He also worked for numerous accounting firms all throughout his career.

Only in the latter half of his career, Michel rekindled his love for entrepreneurship, which he had garnered since childhood. With an aim to help small businesses and individuals to attain financial freedom, Michel founded his own accounting firm, Valbrun Group, which is predominantly involved in tax planning, outsourced CFO services, and financial consulting. He is currently the President at Valbrun Group. Through this, he aims to bring about financial transformation, literacy, and freedom to help entrepreneurs across the world.

Apart from this, Michel is also an avid writer. His work has been published in prominent finance magazines and journals such as the AICPA Journal of Accountancy, Business News Daily, and MarketWatch. His first book Prolific Profit: How Successful Business Maximize Profits and Dominate the Market was about how business owners can convert their ideas into long-term and sustainable profits.

Saving Businesses From Overpaying Taxes

Valbrun Group offers an integrated service suite for businesses as well as individuals. All the services are aimed towards better financial management, while they can focus on the job they are good at. Last year alone, the company has saved businesses more than $8 million in accumulated lifetime tax savings in a legal and ethical manner.

Valbrun Group’s team of qualified professionals provides a range of services that are powered by a unique and proprietary C.P.A. methodology (also synonymous with Clarity, Power, and Accountability). The services include:

* Tax Preparation
* Tax Planning
* Quickbook Setup
* Financial Consulting
* General Cash Management
* Small Business Accounting
* Part-time CFO Services
* Cash Flow Management

All of these factors, if not handled diligently with adequate expertise, can eventually lead to a huge overpayment of taxes. The Valbrun Group says that they assess each business in a customized manner to understand its niche, regulatory bindings, insurance handling, legal loopholes, etc., and suggests the best possible legal tax planning method to reduce financial liability.

The Valbrun Group has provided its service successfully to several businesses over the last 10 years. This year, the company aims to save businesses more than $20 million through its tested and advanced tax planning methodology.


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