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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Founder of First Black Wellness Magazine Created By Black Nurses Goes on Tour

Michelle Green Rhodes

Nationwide — Meet Michelle Greene Rhodes, the founder and CEO of The Color of Wellness, an African American-focused health, wellness, and lifestyle education platform used by nurses of color to increase health equity in Black and brown communities. She has also launched the Digital Media Nurse Tour, a one-day workshop for healthcare professionals that teaches the power of digital media.

The event is designed to help healthcare professionals learn how to monetize digital media, tell important stories, disseminate health education to their communities, and amplify the health voice as an ally.

The workshop is open to a variety of healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, mental health professionals, and anyone looking to impact their community in a positive way. Attendees will learn about podcasting, live streaming, writing for online publications, and more. They will also have the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals and gain access to a curriculum filled with helpful tips on leveraging skills and knowledge.

The tour will take place in four cities across the United States in 2023:
• Tampa, Florida – June 2nd
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – June 28th
• Orlando, Florida – October 7th
• Baltimore, MD – December 9th

“We’re excited to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn about the power of digital media and how it can help them impact their communities,” said the organizers of The Digital Media Nurse Tour. “It has been a gamechanger for us at The Color of Wellness from sponsorships, to advertisements, and collaborations that have boosted our bottom line. We have been spotlighted on Sirius XM, Fox News Radio, Fox News and our goal is to help healthcare professionals create a personal brand that they love and that promotes their expertise and knowledge.”

Early bird seating is available now for all four events. For more information and to register, visit MediaNurses.com/tour. Sponsorships are available, please email for more information.

For press inquiries, contact hello@michellegreenerhodes.com or (813) 750-7375.