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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Black Entrepreneur Invents Hair Styling Tool For Women With Natural Hair

Michelle Johnson, founder of Amtu Hair and Art Tool

Hair weights, the tool to prevent hair shrinkage & elongate the curls

Nationwide — Michelle Johnson (Amtu) is the CEO & Founder of Amtu Hair Art & Tools, a product design company which specializes in hair accessories and styling tools. Their latest and most exciting product, is the Hair Weight, which is their most recent patented styling tool invention for natural hair.

The Hair Weight is an accessory and styling tool all-in-one utilized as a natural way to stretch the curl out and prevent hair shrinkage while styling and preparing your hair. It can be worn as an accessory clipped onto a section of the hair throughout the day and allows for a heat-free and chemical-free option to safely stretch your hair and elongate the curl to its natural length. There are a number of reasons as to as why the Hair Weight is such a great product for the natural hair community, among them is that it’s a great on-the-go traveler’s hairstyling tool for natural hair women. A natural hair carefree dream.

Michelle Johnson (Amtu) founded the company, Amtu Hair Art & Tools, after taking on the natural hair lifestyle herself. She quickly realized there needed to be more accessories and tools available for natural hair women, and there just weren’t enough options. She lived in South Asia briefly and remained in touch with many of her colleagues there, whom she invited to work with her in the design process of her current hair accessories and styling tool collection. She believes the integration of culture and blending that with design and innovation is one of their great characteristics as a product design company.

Michelle comments, “I believe the way we work well as a team is also an aspect of our success, respecting the expertise and crafts of our colleagues, and allowing that to flow.”

For more details, visit www.amtuhairtools.com

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Instagram – @amtuhairtools
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YouTube – https://youtu.be/zyOw-6w6ZlA


Michelle Johnson