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Monday, November 1, 2021

Mompreneur & Daughter Team Up, Launch Black-Themed Backpacks, Handbags, etc. to Inspire People of Color

Chrishonda Benson and her daughter

Nationwide — Chrishonda Benson from Charlotte, North Carolina wanted to show her daughter that her brown skin and bold features were beautiful, so she used the representation gap in the retail industry to create Pretty Dope Society, an extensive collection of products that incorporates the illustrations of Black artists.

Since October 2020, her brand has set out to breathe life into Black art because representation matters and has since sold thousands of items that fill the representation gap and bring smiles and dialogue to customers. From diaper bags, travel bags, blankets, drinkware, and more, this holiday season, buy items that are more than just material objects; but ignite the everlasting culture and creativity that is Black art.

For this e-commerce brand, being able to present the black community with products that are intentionally both visually and emotionally means everything. “I wanted Black children and adults everywhere to understand that they are beautiful and they deserve to be represented in items that they see and use every day,” says Chrishonda.

She continues, “What our young people and community see around them shapes their expectations for themselves and one another. While it may seem easy to purchase the newest game console or upgrade their phones, it’s imperative to make an impact when it comes to representation.”

Pretty Dope Society has made it easy to be intentional with gifts that showcase their melanated beauty and offer insight into their promising futures.

For more information on Pretty Dope Society, visit their official website at PrettyDopeSociety.com

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @prettydopesociety

For press inquiries, contact hello@prettydopesociety.com or 980-477-0035.