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Monday, March 16, 2020

Mom Recruits 13-Year Old Daughter to Be CEO of Their Inspirational Cosmetic Brand

Miah Pasha, 13-year old CEO of The Beat House Cosmetics

Augusta, GA — Danielle and Miah Pasha are a mother-daughter duo who are taking the cosmetic world by storm with their new company, The Beat House Cosmetics. Teasing customers with their highly sought-after Knockout Pallet in 2019, the pair are now preparing to launch their website officially this spring and the excitement is everywhere.

Danielle (known by friends and loved ones as “Pasha”), who is the architect behind the line stated, “I am so blown away by all of the positive feedback I have received from everyone, it’s so surreal.” This is understandable when you figure that Mrs. Pasha has been in Afghanistan for the last 3 years while developing this line. “I remember facetiming my daughter, giving her instructions and task to help me out with the business in my absence and now we are partners!”

Yes, you heard that right, partners! Danielle recruited the most beautiful person she knew to team up with for this makeup line, her 13-year old daughter who has set the internet a blaze as the face and acting CEO of the company.

“Most teenagers are irritated by their parents and wouldn’t dare want to work with them, (I’m still irritated at times lol) but I remember missing my mom and not knowing when I would see her again, so I enjoy every second we get to spend together. Besides, I loooooove make up,” says Miah.

Visit their official web site at www.thebeathousecosmetics.com to sign up to receive notification of the official launch date and other promo updates. To become a Brand Ambassador, send an email to thebeat@thebeathousecosmetics.com.

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Together, they are empowering people to take risk, never give up, discover new ways to express themselves and show-off their own originality and eccentricity. Offering a wide range of products for all age groups and lifestyles. This cosmetic line is dedicated to beating the odds, beating self-doubt and beating adversity. What are you beating?


The Beat LLC

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