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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Reality Star Momma Dee and Southern Soul Blues Artist Pokey Bear Star in New Movie, “My Side Piece Hit the Lotto”

The Side Piece

Baton Rouge, LA — Esteemed African-American producers Dewey Allen and Mando Allen, The Allen Brotherz bring together Momma Dee, a Georgia native, and Pokey Bear for this hilarious southern comedy, “My Side Piece Hit the Lotto”. Momma Dee is currently starring in the reality show Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta which has started its 9th season. Momma Dee is also a hip-hop recording artist with hits such as “In That Order” and “I Deserve,” which are both available on Apple Music. Pokey Bear has won The Southern Soul Artist of the Year Award for 2017. Pokey also recently released a new album titled Bear Season which is available on iTunes.

Synopsis: Lotto winner Mrs. Weatherspoon (Momma Dee) shares her winnings with her unfaithful husband, Charles (Pokey Bear) while next door neighbors DeShawn (Messie Cee) and Ebony (Baddazz Cutie) scramble to repay borrowed bail money back to the neighborhood bully, Buster as Dillard (Mando Allen) and Charles enters into a shady business deal.

“I decided I wanted to film the entire movie in Louisiana,” said director Dewey Allen. “We need more movies from backwater areas like Baton Rouge which is new and fresh and has never been brought to a national audience.The characters are relatable and unforgettable. You’ll watch the film over and over again because it’s something people haven’t seen before.”

“This is a project I wanted to do based on the fact that the entire world is fascinated by infidelity in relationships,” said Mando Allen. “The term side piece is good subject matter because you can show different perspectives from males and females on infidelity. I see this film as a tool that people can learn from to better our relationships.”

“My Side Piece Hit the Lotto” premiered at AMC theaters March 29th during a red carpet event and will be available in April 2018 on Amazon for rent, purchase, and streaming on a fire stick, phone, laptop, computer or tablet.

To watch the movie on Amazon, visit www.amazon.com/dp/B07CDW49SS


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